Acronyms and Terms 
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Originally started by Boxster Bob and then built on via suggestions from many.

718 and 918 included January 2017.

Many from the German terms. Some UK terms too.


ABS - Anti-lock Brake System

ABT - Display Control Unit

AC - Air Conditioning

ACC - Adaptive Cruise Control

ACEA - European Automobile Manufacturers Association (also publishes oil standards as in ACEA A3)

AFAICT - As far as I can tell

AFAIK - As Far As I Know

AFS - Automatic Forward Lighting

AGA - Switchable Exhaust System

AHK - Trailer Hitch

AKA - Also Known As

ALWR - Automatic Headlight Leveling

AOS - Air Oil Separator (normal cars have PCV valves) part of the pollution control system, commonly refers to black plastic "tank" on passenger side of US car's engine where P-car docs refer to an AOS inside the engine when they use the term.

ASD - Sliding Roof

AX - Auto-Cross...a driver's event consisting of tight turns around cones usually set up in a parking lot. A timed event. Fun or highly competitive.

AZV - Trailer Hitch

B1 - Bank 1

B2 - Bank 2

BARO - Barometric Pressure Sensor

BCM - Body Control Module

BCMf - Body Control Module Front

BCMr - Body Control Module Rear

BiK - Benefit in Kind (company provided car)

BMS - Battery Measurement Sensor

BKE - Operating and Aid Conditioning Unit

BRBS - a several day long gathering of Boxster owners in Western North Carolina (previously always in Blowing Rock, NC) held in the early summer. Blue Ridge Boxster Summit

BRT - Big Round Thing

BSM - Blind Spot Monitor

BT - BlueTooth (cell phone connection)

BTDT - Been There Done That

BTW - By The Way

CAN - Control Area Network protocol

CDR - Infotainment System

CEL - Check Engine Light  (also known as Cash Extraction Light)

Chuck - the nickname of Porsche Pete (aka Charles Hammersmith), the founder of PPBB (RIP) 

CIB - Crash Imminent Braking

Codes - 5 place indications of trouble produced by the the DME through the OBD2 port in the form Pnnnn

CDR210/CDR220 - Becker Radio models used in Model 986 Boxsters

CDR-23 - Becker Radio models used in '03-'04Model 986 Boxsters

CDR-24 - Becker Radio models used in '05-?? Model 987 Boxsters

CPS - Crankshaft Position Sensor

CRC - Cruise Control

CV - the constant velocity joints that allow the rear axle to flex up and down and still apply power to the rear wheels

BDS - Dynamic Brake Support

BSFC - Brake Specific Fuel Consumption, a measure of engine efficiency

DAB - Digital Audio Broadcast

DBL = Dynamic Bending Lights

DE - Driver's Event or Driver Education, a learn to drive your Porsche on a race track learning experience usually sponsored by PCA

Deputy - the forum moderators on some online forums help administer individual subject forums 

DFI - Direct Fuel Injection

DFCO -deacceleration fuel cut-off, turn the injectors off when coasting.

DIY - Do It Yourself

DNFTT – Do Not Feed (encourage) The Troll (See TROLL below) by responding to his original posting.

DMB - Digital Multimedia Broadcast

DME - The computer that manages the engine electronics and pollution controls (DME = Digital Motor Electronics)

DMF/DMFW - Dual Mass Flywheel

DMM - Digital Multi Meter

DMTL - Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage (evap system of fuel tank)

DRCC - Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code  signaled via the OBDII port, the signal of the cause of a CEL

DTMF - Dual Tone Multi Frequency

e-Gas - electronic control of the amount of gas fed to the engine at the pressing of the accelerator pedal (Model Year 2000 and later, earlier operated via mechanical linkage)

E10 - 10% Ethanol/90% Gasoline mix, the typical mix in the US in most places, Boxsters burn this fuel with no problem

E85 - 85% Ethanol/15% Gasoline mix, no Porsche is equipped to burn this fuel

ECM / PCM  - Engine Control Module / Powertrain Control Module. The computer that controls the engine air/fuel mix and which provides OBD2 diagnostic codes.

ECT Sensor - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

ELV - Electronic Steering Lock

EPB - Electronic Parking Brake 

ESBB - Eastern Shore Boxster Buddies (Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay)

ESD - Electrostatic Discharge

ESL - Electronic Steering Lock

ESP - Especially

EVAP - Gas vapors collector, part of the emissions equipment.

EZS - Ignition Switch

F4T - Flat 4-cylinder Turbo

F5 Flat 6-cylinder normally aspirated

FAL - Front Axle Lift System on 911s

FBAS - Color Picture Enhanced Synchronization

FCEV -  Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

FFB - Remote Key

FCTA - Front Cross Traffic Assist

FCW - Foreward Collision Warning

FLA - High Beam Assistant

FPSH = full Porsche service history. (UK term for dealer serviced)

FSH - Full Service History (UK term)

FUBAR - Fouled (F_cked) Up Beyond Any Recognition (Or Recovery)

FWIW - For What It's Worth 

GAHH - Great Another Horrific Happenstance (also the maker of a glass windowed top)

GAL - a circuit that connects the speed signal to the radio so the radio can automatically turn up the volume as the speed increases 

GAP - Guaranteed Auto Protection, insurance for difference between car value and what you owe.

GHL - brand of exhaust products

GLW - Continuous Headlight Range Control

GLWS - good luck with sale

GPF - Gasoline Particulate Filter

GT2 - high powered normally aspirated (non-turbo) variation of the 911

GT3 - semi race car version of the 911 series of rear engined cars

HAL - Rear Axle Steering (RAS)

HBA - Headlight Beam Adjustment

HD - High Pressure

HMI - Human Machine Interface

HPFP - High Pressure Fuel Pump

HSB - Current Distributor

HTHS - (relating to oil) High Temperature - High Sheer

IACV - Idle Air Control Valve

IANAL - I Am Not A Lawyer

IAT - Intake Air Temperature Sensor

ICCL - I couldn't Care Less

ICYMI - In case you missed it

ICV - Idle Control Valve

IDS - Integrated Dry Sump

IHE - Internal Heat Exchanger

IIHS - Insurance Institute of Highway Safety

IIRC – If I Recall Correctly

IME - In My Experience

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion 

IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion

IMS - Intermediate Shaft usually referring to the bearing that supports it

IMS - Hyundai term for memory seats, mirors,

IMSG - IMS Guardian from flat6innovations

IMSR - IMS replacement

Indie/Independent - A mechanic or repair shop but not a dealer's repair shop

IWT - Internal Heat Exchanger

J/K - Just Kidding

KBA - Camera Based Assistant Functions

KESSY - Keyless Entry/Start System

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

KJS - Radiator Shutter Control Unit

KLSM - Steering Column Switch Module

Lamda - O2 - Oxygen Sensor

LCA - Lower Control Arm

LDS - Light Switch

LDW - Lane Departure Warning

LED - Light Emitting Diode

LEIMO - Power Module

LIN - Local Interconnect Network

LKA - Lane Keeping Assist

LKS - Lane Keeping Support

LNIB - Like New in Box

LOL - Laughing Out Loud

LMAO - Laughing My Ass Off

LSDL - Limited Slip Differential Locking

LTE - Long Term Evolution

LTFT - Long Term Fuel Trim

LVDS - Low Voltage Differential Signature

LWFW - Light Weight Fly Wheel

LWS - Steering Angle Sensor

MAF - Mass Airflow Sensor

MBB - Modulated Backend Construction Kit

MCD - Magnetic Chip Detector (used to detect ferrous particles in the engine oil)

MIL - Malfunction Indicator Light

MMI - Man Machine Interface

MMX - Multi Media Extension

MOD/MODs - modify/modifications

MOD - Mobile Online Services

MOST - a fiber optic buss used in '03-'04 Model 986 Boxsters to connect the radio to the amp, earlier models used regular copper wires. Media Oriented System Transport

MOT - Ministry of Transport, UK emissions and safety inspection

MPI - Multi Port Injection

MTP - Media Transfer Protocol

MY - Model Year

ND - No Pressure

NBC - No Boxster content in this message

NBL - Natural Brown Leather

NM - No Message, just this subject/header line

OAT - Organic Acid Technology an antifreeze type.

OAU - Operating and Air Conditioning Unit

OBD2 port - On Board Diagnostic standard connection just above your left knee (aka OBDII)

OCI - Oil Change Interval

OSF - Offside-Front or the driver's side front in UK speak.

OP - Original Poster as in "the OP's message" ...the one who started this thread

OPC - Official Porsche Centre, term used by UK folks to describe a dealer

Option Codes - Porsche makes cars and labels each change from the base model with an option code so it can be ordered at the dealer and the factory then knows what parts to put in the car. Many Porsches have the option code sticker on the inside of the front hood of the car. Reading the option codes tells a future buyer what optional features the car was originally built with. 

OTOH - On The Other Hand

OTT - Over the Top

P-Car - Any Porsche

PADM - Porsche Active Drivetrain Mounts

PaO - (relating to oil) Polyalphaolefins (One of the synthetic hydrocarbon liquids manufactured from the monomer ethylene, H2C=CH2.)

PAS - Porsche Active Safe (prompts when approaching a vehicle too quickly, with adaptive cruise control)

PASM - Porsche Active Suspension Management 

PCA - Porsche Club of America

PCC - Porsche Car Connect

PCCB - Porsche Ceramic Composit Brakes

PCM - Porsche Communication Management,  the big screen radio/GPS system

PCNA - The Porsche distributor for the US is located in Atlanta

PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation allows oil saturated vapors to be routed back into the air intake and then into the combustion chamber for burning. Part of the anti-pollution system. 

PCS - Pre-Collision System

PCM - Porsche Communication Management

PDC - Park Distance Control

PDCC - Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control

PDK - the 7-speed dual clutch automatic/manual transmission that replaces the TIP auto/manual in the 2009 models (Porsche Doppelkupplung)

PDLS - Porsche Dynamic Light System

PDLS Plus - front Carera automatic high beam

PDQ - Pretty Darn Quick

PDR - Paintless Dent Removal

Pedro - the owner of a active Boxster forum, successor to PPBB 

PIWIS - Porsche Integrated Workshop Information System, a third generation system tester available almost exclusively at dealers.

PLG - Power Lift Gate

PM - Personal Message as in send me a PM

POSIP - Porsche Side Impact Protection System -(head and body airbags)

PSE - Porsche sport exhaust 

PSIG - Pounds per square inch gauge

PSM - Porsche Stability Management

PST-II/PST2  - Porsche System Tester-II was the second generation system tester from Porsche. A dealer may have one and some independent shops will. See PIWIS.

PTM - Porsche Traction Management

PTPA - Porsche Track Precision Application

PTS - pain to sample

PTV - Porsche Torque Vectoring differential

PVTS - Porsche Vehicle Tracking System

RAS - Rear Axle Steering

RASC - Radar Assisted Speed Control

RCC - Radio and Connected Car

RCTA - Rear Cross Traffic Assist

RDK - Tire Pressure Monitoring System also TPMS

Re - Concerning, Regarding

Reader - an OBDII code reader

RFK - Reverse Camera

RLF - Rain Light Moisture Sensor

RMS - Rear Main Seal of the crankcase to crankshaft junction often used to signify a leak and need of repair there. So often used on PPBB that an oil drop smiley now replaces the abbreviation.

Rob - the previous co-owner and sys-admin of PPBB

ROT - Rule of Thumb

ROW - rest of the world (non-US) an optional suspension package that lowered the car

ROFL - Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLMAO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My A*s Off
ROFLMHO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My Head Off
ROFLOL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROTFLSHISMC - Rolling On The Floor Laughing So Hard I Spilled My Coffee

RTFM – Read the *Fine* Manual

RTS - Roof Transport System  (luggage/Ski rack)

RTTI - Real Time Traffic Information

SAD - Sun Roof

SAI - Secondary Air Injection (part of the emissions controls, runs on startup)              

SBC - Some Boxster content in this message but maybe not too much

SCR - Selective Catalytic Reduction

SENT - Single Edge Nibble Transmission

SMFW - Single Mass Fly Wheel

SMS - Short Message Service

SNAFU - Situation Normal, All Fouled (F_cked) Up

SOL - Sh*t Out of Luck (Often used when referring to out of warranty assistance)

SORN - UK Statutory Off-Road Notification telling the tax folks to take you off the rolls

Spoiler -  Used in the subject line, a "Spoiler Alert" warns that, if you don't want to know the race results, don't open this thread. 

STAF - Save the Amber Foundation (there is a fun disagreement between those who like amber tail-lights, side-lights and front turn signals and those who don't)

Stealer - Porsche dealer meant harshly for the labor and parts price markups some of them take.

STFT - Short Term Fuel Trim

SWA - Lane Change Assist

SWAG - ?hitty Wild ?ssed Guess, even less precise than WAG

SWaP - Software as Product

SWMBO - She who must be obeyed

TADTS - They all do that sir

TB - Throttle Body

TBN - Total Base Number of oil measures the amount of additive left.

The Dark Side - a Boxster/Cayman owner who bought (or is considering) a 911 type P-Car

TIA - Thanks In Advance

TIP - Tiptronic Auto/Manual transmission used in '97-'08

TIR - Total Indicated Runout

TLA- Three Letter Acronym

TP Sensor  - Throttle Position Sensor

TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TROLL – Someone trying to deliberately provoke an argument

TSB - Technical Service Bulletin issued by PCA to dealers instructing them on service issues

TSBL -  get together of Porsche owners in the Adirondacks in the early summer, Tri State Boxster Lovers was what it originally started as but it has expanded to include all manner of Porsche cars.

TTIUWP - This forum thread is useless without pictures

TWC - three way catalytic converter

UAI - Universal Audio Interface

UAYOR - Use At Your Own Risk

UDP - Under-Drive Pulley

ULSD - Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel

UOA - Used Oil analysis

USB - Universal Serial Bus

USCWOAP - Up S...s Creek Without A Paddle

VED - Vehicle Excise Duty (UK tax)

VI - Viscosity Index

VRLA - Valve Regulated Lead Acid

VSC - Vehicle Stability Control

VTG - Variable Turbine Geometry 

WAG - Wild ?ssed Guess

WAW - Wind Deflector

WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network

WOT = Wide Open Throttle

WTB - Want to Buy

WTF - What the F...

WTFO - What the F... Over (expecting a reply)

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary as in "you may have a different experience/opinion"

ZR - Control Process Unit

ZZH - Closing Aid for Doors

2,5, 2.7, 2.9 - base engine size in litres of the 1997-1999. 2000-2004 and 2005-2011 Boxster

3.2, 3.4 - S model engine size of the Boxster 2000-2004 and 2005-2011 models (3.4 was also the size of some 996 engines used in upgrade engine swaps)

911 - the generic name for the iconic 6 cylinder rear engine Porsche

914 - the VW engined mid-engine 1970s car marketed in the US as a Porsche

986 - the 1997 thru 2004 model year Boxster

987 - the 2005 thru 2012 model year Boxster

993 - last of the air cooled rear engined Porsches

996 - first of the rear engined water cooled Porsches of the 911 style

997 - thru 2011  rear engined water cooled Porsches of the 911 style

991 - 2012 rear engined water cooled Porsches of the 911 styl

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