The Mike Duke Memorial Seminar

    Each year, Entomology graduate students sponsor the Mike Duke Memorial Seminar, typically during the spring semester. This special seminar series was established in 1988 in honor of Michael E. Duke, a graduate student in entomology who tragically died shortly after receiving his master's degree from NCSU. 

    This seminar series serves his memory by honoring the contributions of graduate students to entomology and serves as a reminder of the potential for excellence that exists within every individual. Each year, graduate students in the department invite a distinguished speaker who has made substantial achievements and represents a standard of excellence in entomology. As hosts of the speaker, students have the opportunity to interact with and learn from an outstanding scientist. This interaction allows students to gain insight into their own research and offers a model with which to base their future careers in entomology. The Mike Duke Seminar therefore commemorates excellence that is already present and excellence that is yet to come. 

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Past speakers: