all the latest work w/it is now at:

I used to download & try out all the open-src lisp code I could, now on a new machine, for a bulk of the most commonly used packages I use QuickLisp.

*   lsp         

I'm going to focus my opensrc Lisp_ code on sbcl, but will try for others, incl ACL for commercial dev.

I heard the original version of portableaserve-vbz.tar.gz is missing, so I wanted to be sure to post it.

I have a new mac, so I might try this binary-setup.   The list continues to grow.*update*

I already have some that will load in SBCL on my main opensrc page, but here I'll just add tidbits I've cleaned up:  [Actually I have a  most of CLiki/cl-user &much more loadable in sbcl] CL-Debian,

Like this for gnuplot. vecto

I'm looking at elephant w/Lisa, have ltk, &would like garnet again; mcCLIM compiles, but
mp: not working on ppc (&even acl won’t connect); So I might have to try intel

I have some ideas related to: heapdump too.

Might try Loom4, just got Algernon3&w/.sbclkm.
I'd like to try Ocelot/etc too someday.


Have Matlisp (found that one of the guys from my old lab is working on it now:)

Statistics, w/R Rcl (rclmath v rcl full link so far), Rclg loads; & there are other options.

I got 1/2 of the doz of these mit pkgs ; Many other things tried of course, these are just some recent work.
ok a few more random ones (I might use 4): web-viz:skippy
meta!/weblocks(more related)


many web frameworks, incl weblocks&assoc

[I've tried CUSP, and should try dandelion]
Alt+C - Compile current expression
Alt+K - Compile current file
Alt+. - Go to the definition of the current symbol
Alt+H - Open the Hyperspec definition of the current symbol
Alt+U - Undefine the current symbol
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