I'm interested in the kind of communication that helps science get done,
Sometimes in a (semi)-automated/assisted way.


semantic-* opensrc Lisp Babel img came before PG's use.




Semantic web /grid..

See:Dynamic_programming_language /LISP
See:Rule-BasedProduction_system and MBR and PSE
As any work gets closer to the bottom of the diagram,
it just gets more and more interesting to me. *

General intersection of interests ~:


ps.I was using the Babel image, well before I saw it used by a certain essayist.
Maybe for some of the same reasons, but I can't be sure, as I haven't asked him.

My Personal Dna Report

I strongly suggest:

Which I also made my 1st move-on phone call for.

8min in, on sci-tools then @28min, but I also like qual-phys/mbr..



How are WS (w/SOAP) not (just)/like CORBA that just focuses on the IIOP part? -me .
2. More in the sky. thoughts on patterns.

LC[Description Logics]mop. 

A thought for the new century: I think we overuse the word 'Actually' (in a way a high-schooler used 'like' in the 80s) because w/the present info-overload; we need a word to let others know that it is: Time to pay attention now!

[I love AI techniques, but would NEVER seriously use the term 'an AI' eep]

I don't often say it, but I'm not entirely happy with the direction the semantic-web has taken since the 90s. In merging with (sometimes short sighted) biz pursuits (&dev); Some of the work has lost some of what I considered to be a bit more potential; &is getting stunted a bit.  But I guess that is the way of things. Though I'd like to help with this; if I could find a good way (w/decent far reaching enough impact) to do it.