mac; 2012,if a 4core ultrabook comes out this week,i might give it1more chance, but the os is going in the wrong/ipadgarden direction

Yes I used to use .Mac but have gone googley eyed;)  I still like os-x/powerbooks though:)

If apple really think's diff/innovates by08, I might get a new toy/but the sent of$s has sent them a lil of my interest path

=08update; mac-air overhyped; my lappies are only making it 3 +/- 1/2yrs, still might consider Debian now

ok, i'll give it a try w/the new MBP which should 

have a strong enough case to handle what i'd call normal-use

&might be fast enough to try a few more interesting things

I can only hope 

Yes I've used a laptop w/OS-X since it came out
and even had but always signed emails w/bobak at as I knew that their service was overpriced, and I'd one-day replace it.

I might of done this sooner if I would of seen this.