my ALU lisp entry

gVid < - would see him @bay area lisp meetings

I'm interested in many languages and what they can give you.
I tend to like lisp-likes, for a variety of reasons. *

I've been interested in assisted Problem Solving Environments.
This comes partially from having worked on many knowledge based systems, and simulation

I really like how opensource lets you really alter and add to your work. This includes putting together things that companies would rarely make easy.

I've used CLIPS, and wrapped simulations, and used PVM for communication.
main utils and parallel additions

Now I'm trying to find a way to use Lush and clips 's/(like) abilities.
-It looks a little bit like another xlispstat in a way. (Some very good libs, nice differences, and a few annoying un-needed new ones.) CL should be able to grow. I like as much of a overlap as possible or at least an easy interworking w/the obj-systems. If I could get all the images to play nice with/out having to copy every thing, that would be cool too. The visual Vista system is pretty nice. I'd almost recommend it over R for up to moderate complexity stats tasks.

More on this soon, I hope.
You can reach me at:.

I've been looking into this and much more for years. Recently I've been enjoying some realted blogs, like this fresh1, and many others with interesting articles.

End of 2004: Back to using CLIPS
Working with DB connections, protege and a bit more.
I might have to incorporate KnowledgeBasedConsulting.
There are lots of tag-line relating to the 80-20 rule
Maybe something like: 'doing less to do more'.
On mac-s.earlyvote.
happy programmer
In programming, some people are more top-down or bottom up; I'm more Means-Ends. *

Best Working Conditions->BestProgrammers->BestSoftware->Profit!

*sif, effthoughts on patterns.
. Can't load applet's like:Lisp51
:.L-gardening.My computer geek score is greater than 98% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!....lj

oh yes lets try to keep it DRY out there.



A while ago I started to load lisa w/in acl.
I'd like to move that way so I don't have to have about 5k clips utils, or 2k art utils, to make it somewhat more lisp like.
I will take any rule or lisp job over booring lang/work.
I'd love some sci/research work, but don't want to just be a programmer, hence staying away from the wrong languages for the most part.

(I think I'd like to make cooperative versus killer applications;) .