Fare/nearby coffee


inSanFran: w/wifi* mission /elsewhere

newest additions, near home,
 a blue-bottle around corner from coffee-bar great-vibe/no-wifi/coffee ok
&now a sightglass around other corner by atlas/etc/also just ok

Jumpin-Java on Noe between Duboce-Park and Market-St either Muddy’s on Valencia or up on 29th 

bean-there (also near duboce park)  WIll try stable on folsom.

Farley’s 1315 18th Street and nearby coffee-bar on mariposa, then sundance on 3rd&20th.near thinkers Link. Near CCA: Axis. then also Atlas&the pirate-station.

(29th&tiffany is closer to home&has better light/etc)Muddy’sI hang@the most.Try luvajava.

On 16th near Valencia just closed;(oct06); Revolution-cafe in mid-mission

Filmore’s/International Cafe on Haight near Filmore
really anyplace w/sun and some people around

The Canvas Cafe/Gallery: 1200 9th Ave @ Lincoln Way (like it, sun moves quickly, near med campus)CLOSED

Cafe Evolution: 1336 9th Avenue, between Irving & Judah. (nice)

Rockin' Java: 1821 Haight Street between Shrader and Stanyan (ok)

H Cafe: 380 17th Ave, at Sanchez (will try)

Maxfield’s House of Caffeine: Dolores at 17th. (music on sun)

Muddy’s Coffee House: 1304 Valencia Street @ 24th Street. (check on wifi)

Cafe 16: 3170 16th Street, at Valencia. (will try)

Cafe Medjool: 2516 Mission Street, at 21st Street. (will try)

:Sit & Spin: 4023 18th Street, at Noe Street.

Quetal, Guerrero&22nd, nice sun, weak wifi&no plugin, music ok

NE corner of delorous park, &good music

Fillmore&California (near work) royal-coffee

nervous-dogon mission near cortland

courtland&ellsworth, it’s been awhile; nice light, annoying guy sings2self though

RitualRoasters valencia(between 21&22nd)not as overcrowded as i thought

Morning Due Cafe: 3698 17th Street, at Church Street. (no wifi)

SOMA coffee 12th&howard (renovating); Blue-Bottle 66mint great-coffee

Trieste in NorthBeach is still great, as well as 


 Caffee Sapore

&capriccio is ok 

up the russian/hill on Pacific: chameleon

 a block away on jackson, is nook 

&not far on mason&washington is gallery-cafe

Blue-Danube Clement St 

more links cowrk ?@ philz

: == Berkeley/Oakland:

Berk: yali’s (nw corner of campus) is my fav4wifi/etc

Oakland: I think it’s RoyalCoffee &also a lil vietnamese place i don’t remember.


in Chicago:

==(With FreeWiFi:) [Mainly for working, but some would work for a meeting.]

Alliance Bakery/Coffee Ave (in 2parts)*
Sort of study/work-quiet inside, but has outdoor seating too. Good snacks.

(and accross the st; blend, part of the new neighborhood; big windows; as4all of em; none of them have the music they used2;)

Muse Cafe 817 N Milwaukee Ave
Near Chicago stop on blue line El, .

Mercury-Cafe 1505 W Chicago
nears swim, bigger/has shows like ~muse

Sip Coffee 1223 GrandAve*
cozier version of alliance, seating in backyard

Swim Cafe 1357 W Chciago
short walk from muse and on the bus line

new-life & noFriction 1664&2023 N California -might also try these

Cafe Ballou 939 n western, also untested, In my old neighborhood of so many years.

There are a few more around WickerPark which are ok ,~.,
but have lil-less character.

Love’s 770 N. Halsted untried in my new hood

Cafe Penelope 230 S Ashland a might try

Alternately; panera also has wifi: sw+ne of depaul and
in the loop, (not far from another chain eatery).

Darwin’s 935 N Damen, was closed last time I used to walk around there, but has since reopened.

ZKF 1633 N. Milwaukee Ave, might also try

Cafe Mozart 600 Davis Evanston (If I'm up there I like the Unicorn more, but he free wifi;)

Cafe Jumping Bean 1439 W 18th (when in Pilsen, used to also go2Nick’s Hardware, but..)

Cafe Avanti 3714 N. Southport only one near MusicBox w/wifi

MoJo’s 2256 W Rosco, I think this is the quirky one hidden away there.

Third World Cafe 1301 E 53 only HydePark w/free wifi (I like the school shops better though)

Istria Cafe 1520 E. 57th St -closer to what i'm used to, in HP, but untried

in bookseller’s row just NE corner near old dearborn station, glass front,  french name?; nice one but has changed, so use panerra near main library.

Some other suggestions.,

==w/o easy connectivity (wifi is iffy &/or $ive) [for meeting only, now working]

Atomix 1957 W ChciagoAve
Helped make up for losing jinx, and others before that. (music was good; wish wifi was free)

&cute (heart?)backery just a the other side of damen

Bourgeois Pig Cafe738 W Fullerton

Filter1585 N Milwaukee Ave
Near El, busy on weekends

Letezia’s Bakery+Coffee2146 W DivisionAve
Outdoor seating; Good food, They host the Chicago LUG(LinuxUser’sGroup)

Used to go to the 2shops just S of the MusicBox, &by nook by the Belmont/Ashland Brown line stop.

Then a bit E of there, closer to the ball-park

Andersonville’s Kopi, and even futher north(near that vegie nightspot?) then upto northwester’s Unicorn

In my new hood 1 in meat-packing gallery area, untried.

One as I get off the OakPark El near Lombard

(new)Starbucks 520 N Ogden
or any other convient, *$s; if need be.

Westgate Coffee924 W Madison.
Between my place and the loop.

in Boston-area:

Somerville:Davis-Sq: Diesel:)
and a few other near the sq
used to be1near central
few other places


a chain near my P’s; Kopi, Peradiso, etc

map update

Some of the map links above are broken, and are beingreplaced.