alternative job paths I could of taken 

still basically along the Research-Programmer/Knowledge Engineer.. path.  

this pages helps better explain my short work timeline on my main page:


The '.'s in this 'timeline' are jobs I was offered but didn't take.
Sometimes this can also be instructive of ones interests &abilities.

There are other people that I've talked to that I don't list here.

In grad school I was offered work w/the Kn-Based-Engineering-Resarch-Lab; but
was also offered the chance to be the sole then cheif developer of an expert-system*.

After living 1/2time in CU and working w/ I was 'offered' work as
a lisp developer w/in walking distance of where I lived; but the bubble popped.
They are called and they kept up some great (opensrc) lisp software.

I was offered work at an interesting group at Ford Financial. I offered to work it
for a few years, but they needed me for longer, but re-advertised w/in 2yrs.
I worked a bit on a STA w/ then to Boston/Veriozon's old gte-labs.

I was offered a/nother STA w/anl/U-Chicago's Social-Science (sim) head, but am
still working too much on my bio/info/etc work, incl. going after a NSF grant.

DieselPoint was a recommendation from a grad-school/data-mining friend, the
work looked interesting, but my bioinformatics work ended up being still viable.

Other bits of history

AI company lineage

I've worked for 2 of 3 of a long line of Rule-Based/Expert System companies

Inference Corp (80s/before my time) => (90s) (field Kn-Eng and worked w/dev) => (00s) (back for a contract)

Each time the company tried to go w/a 'product' the consulting force went to form another company.

This line of technology&people has had more of a showing at the InnovativeApplicationsIn-AI than any other group.

They have always kept the AE language, which has spawned NASA's CLIPS, and then JESS.
Some of the CLIPS code can be found here.

very early programming

I started programming very early which lead to a job as soon as I was legally able. It was in a science env; which helped start/set-ing my path.


A common theme in all my work; is making tools to let people move beyond there present abilities.
This includes myself and my work. Which means if I fulfill your needs, and you don't have something else;
then I'm very happy to have put myself out of that job; and move on to the next bit of interesting work.


I've been offered lots-o-$ before and turned it down, because that isn't the only motivation.