MIKE BILLO 

The '60's-'70's
  I began playing Guitar, Bass and Harmonica in the highly eclectic San Francisco music scene of the '60's playing Blues, Folk, Jug Band and Country Music.
  In '71, I was in the house band at the West 40 Club in Sacramento playing Country Music 5 nights a week.
  In the mid '70's, I was in the House Band at Eli's Mile Hi Club in Oakland playing Bass, Harp and Slide Guitar with such  Blues Artists as Luther Tucker, Mississippi Johnny Waters, Sonny Rhodes, Sugar Pie DeSanto, "Cool Papa" Sadler and twice with the legendary Jimmy Reed
In 1977 I toured with Texas Blues Guitar Master, Albert Collins.
  From 1978-80, I played with Big Walter "Shakey" Horton, the greatest living Blues Harmonica Player of that era, who also mentored my own Harmonica playing. We were frequently joined onstage by Walter's protege', Charlie Musselwhite.

In 1975 got my first Banjo and began gigging in Dixieland and Jug Bands

In 1979 I got my first Ukulele and began gigging almost immediately

THE '80'S
   In 1981, I began performing music of the '20's-'30's, in Senior Care and Assisted Living facilities playing the music of the '20's-'40's on Guitar, Ukulele and Harmonica, which I continue to do, on a full-time basis, to this day.
   In 1980, I played Cajun Music with Zydeco's Grammy Award winner, Queen Ida.
   In 1981 I played with Bluegrass and Country Music's, foremost Female Pioneer, Rose Maddox.
   From 1980-2010 I played with the Country/Rockabilly band, Red Dust, playing Harmonica, Lap Steel and Bass  
   During 1989, I played Bass with West Coast Blues Harmonica Ace, Mark Hummel.
THE '90'S
    In 1990, I was one of the founding members of the popular Jump Blues/Swing Revival band, Lavay Smith and the Red Hot Skillet Lickers. During the four years I was the band's Bass Player, we won the SF Weekly's Wammie Award, recorded an album for Kaleidoscope Records and did shows for Bill Graham, touring with Clarence Clemmons, Roy Rogers, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Robert Cray.
  While a member of the Skillet Lickers, I played twice with Blues Legend, John Lee Hooker.
    From 1994-99 I was in the house band at the West Coast's, Americana Shrine, DeMarco's 23 Club, in Brisbane, playing Americana/ Country Music several nights a week.
   During that time I also played Bass in, Guitar Virtuoso, Jim Campilongo's (Norah Jones' Guitarist), pioneering Western Swing/Jazz ensemble, The Ten Gallon Cats
  From1998-2000 I was in the Tarantulas Jug Band playing Guitar, Dobro, Harmonica and Musical Saw
  From 2000-2003, I played with the New Orleans Funk/Blues ensemble, the Brothers Goldman performing at such venues as, the Great American Music Hall and the Fillmore Auditorium.
  Since 2003, I've played Guitar, Harmonica and Dobro with the Loose Licks Jug Band
  From 2004-2008 I played Ukulele with the Hot Hawaiian Jazz group, The Faux Hawaiians
  From 2006-2016 I sang and played Harmonica and Bass with the Blues/Roots Trio, Tall, Dark and Handsome.
  From 2006-2010, I played Guitar, Ukulele, Dobro and Harmonica with the Amazing Grapes Jug Band.
 I continue to perform daily in Senior Facilities playing Guitar, Ukulele and Harmonica 
 I played on the widely distributed CD of Hot Hawaiian Jazz of the '30's, "Hot Uke and Cool Steel"
 I've recently performed at the Great American Music Hall, playing Guitar and Harmonica with the Loose Licks Jug Band
 I recorded all of the instruments (Harmonica and Banjo), on the soundtrack of the animated short, "A Case of Bad Cluck"
 I play Harmonica and Ukulele in the '20's-'40's  Swing Duo, "The Frisco Cats"
 Since 2013, I've played Guitar and Harmonica in the, Appalachian murder ballad duo "The Lonesome Hobo's Call"



   Thanks and praise, in no particular order, to Jimmie Rodgers, Clancy Hayes, Mad Magazine, Jesse Fuller, PAUL KRASSNER,Will Elder, JORMA AND JACK, EC Comics,
Roy Bookbinder  THE AMAZING CHARLATANS, Forrest J Ackerman, Ed Wood, the Memphis Jug Band, Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine, Blind Boy Fuller, ROY SMECK, Cannon's Jug Stompers, Dashiell Hammett, Robert Bloch, Mae Brussell, Raymond Chandler, Jim Kweskin Jug Band, Sam Katzman, HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS,  MERLE TRAVIS, Bob Wilkins, Lord Buckley, BLIND BLAKE, Leon Redbone, Sonny Terry, Arthur Conan Doyle, Gwen Foster, UKULELE IKE, The Goons, the Hoosier Hot Shots, Monty Python, DAVE VAN RONK, Guy Debord, R CRUMB, Bob Dylan, BIG WALTER HORTON,, Ma Rainey, Emperor Norton, Bessie and Mamie Smith, Roger Corman, DeFord Bailey, Charles Fort, Bob Wills, BUSTER KEATON, Cheap Suit Serenaders, National Lampoon, Joe Bussard, EMMETT MILLER, Merle Haggard, LEECAN AND COOKSEY, Lucha Libre, Wayne Rainey, Charlie McCoy, the Weekly World News,Mel Lyman, Frank Hutchison, George Carlin, Harmonica Frank Floyd, Ry Cooder, Le Petomaine, DOC WATSON, William Castle, MST3K/RIFFTRAX,Cliff Carlisle, Stan Lee, Jim Marrs, ART BELL, Jack Kirby, MAX FLEISCHER, Madalyn Murray O'Hare, JC Burris, James Ellroy, Laurel and Hardy, Christopher Hitchens, the Three Stooges,
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