This video demonstrates how to use Form Limiter.  The add-on is courtesy of Andrew Stillman and his crew at New Visions Cloud Lab.

This video provides a demo on how to use the Form Values add-on.  The add-on allows for a respository of options that can be inserted into multiple choice, choose from a list and/or check boxes questions in Google Forms.

The add-on was create by Oli Trussell.

Maps Engine Lite

This tutorial will show you how to create custom Google Maps.  Geography is relative and having the ability to visualize information using this application extends the use of maps beyond the walls of geography classrooms.

Realtime Board

Do you like the power of Journal Note Writer?  Are you still an overhead power user?  Going 1:1 just got easy.  Realtime Board is a collaborative online whiteboard.  Filling out worksheets just got easy and the best parts are the sharing options and its automatic sync to Google Drive. Demo is an application that is available as a Google Drive app.  The application allows students to view videos and take notes at the same time.  In addition, note taken during the video is synced with the video's time.  For example, if a student typed a note at 1:30 into the video, that note is marked with that particular time.  The notes are synced to Google Drive and can easily be shared with collaborators or teachers.

Create Form Quizzes with Automatic Grading

If you are familiar with Google Forms, the Flubaroo script allows for automatic grading tests/quizzes that are in multiple choice format.

If you want more information on Flubaroo, please visit this website: Flubaroo Overview

Research Feature in Docs

Workflow is an important concept to consider when integrating technology.  The research feature that is embedded in Google Drive is a great example of how workflow is improved when working with documents through Google.