Zoo Tycoon 2 Original

Clicking the links below will show you previews of each of the skins included, as well as provide a download link if you wish to add it to your game. Note: these animals still require Endangered Species in order to have variants.


Bengal Tiger (3 variants)

Chimpanzee (2 variants)
           1 Male
           1 Female

Flamingo (2 variants)

Gemsbok (3 variants)

Giant Panda (4 skins) 

            1 reskin
            3 variants 

Gorilla (1 male variant)

NEW!! Grizzly Bear (5 variants)

NEW!! Ibex (3 variants)

Hippopotamus (4 variants)

Lion (8 variants)
           Male Variants (4 total)
           Lioness Variants (4 total)

Nile Crocodile (3 variants)

Okapi (3 variants)

Ostrich (1 variant)

Ring-Tailed Lemur (4 variants)