Lesson 8

Hawai'i to Mars

A Voyage of Discovery 

Fun and Assessment 

Game board created with the help of the following:

Barbara Bruno,Tracy Tayama, BarbaraJean Kahawai'i, Scott Oberg  


  • To formally assess the students using Post Tests for the Hawai’i-Mars Unit
  • To review and informally assess what the students have learned in the previous 7  lessons
  • To have fun while thinking about Hawaiian exploration and Mars science

Appendix 1 Post Test & Key

Appendix 2 Fact Sheet

Appendix 3  Game Board

Appendix 4 Game Cards 


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Administer the Post test (Appendix 1)
Review fact sheet (Appendix 2)
Game Rules:
1)    Students form 2 to 4 groups per game board with 2 to 4 students per group
2)    Students take turns rolling the die in their own group
3)    To decide who will start one person from each group rolls the die, whoever has the highest roll goes first, the game then continues in a clockwise direction around the game board
4)    Each group uses one icon which starts in Hawai’i near the word Ho’omaka (to start)
5)    Each group starts their turn by rolling the die
6)    Students take turns moving the icon the number of spaces indicated from the rolling of the die
7)    The students read the space that they land on and react to what the instructions explain to them

Some examples of the spaces instructions are:
a.    The big red die space means to roll again and move forward or to roll again and move BACKWARDS or to roll again and move forward DOUBLE the number rolled
b.    The Lose a Turn space means that the group may not proceed for this turn only
c.    Retreat or Advance spaces means to move backward or forward the number of spaces specified
8)    When landing on the card spaces someone from another team must pickup the card and read or instruct the team that landed on the space. There are three types of cards:

    1 Honaunau:  This is the “City of Refuge” and it looks like a grass hut.   When a team lands on this space one of the opposing team members reads them the definition of the Hawaiian word from the card.  The team whose turn it is has to say what the Hawaiian word is within 30 seconds.  If the team is successful they roll again, if not
successful they wait for the next roll of the die to advance.  All of the Hawaiian words appear on the game board to aide the students.
    2 Hokulei’a:  This card is the fact card and it looks like a sailing canoe.  Someone from another team reads the question and the team whose turn it is has 30 seconds to answer.  Only one answer is allowed and the team is expected to put their heads together and decide TOGETHER what the correct answer is.                                           3 Activity:  This card will contain an activity which one of the team mates must act out (charades) or draw out (pictionary) and it looks like an astronaut.  The rest of the team tries to quess what word their team mate is trying to act or draw a picture of.  The third activity is word scramble.  The card reader from the other team shows the entire team whose turn it is the scrambled word, taking care not to show the correct answer which appears on the card.  These activities must be done in 30 seconds.
     9.  The winning team is first to reach Mars and the word Lanakila (Victory)


•    Game board
•    Set of 3 game cards
•    1 die
•    4 Icons
•    1 Dry erase board or 1 pad of paper
•    1 Pen for dry erase board or pad of paper

Note:  The fact sheet can be used as a review tool or the students may use the fact sheet
while playing the game (teacher discretion).