a brief intro . . .

          Mihir K Chakraborty
 Email: mihirc4@gmail.com                 Visiting Professor
                                                                School of Cognitive Science, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

                                                                Former Professor and Head
                                                                Department of Pure Mathematics
                                                                University of Calcutta, Kolkata



 Research interest
  • Theory of graded consequence
  • Rough set theory and its logics
  • Fuzzy set theory and its logics
  • Paraconsistent logics and mathematics
  • Inconsistency tolerant logics
  • Non-monotonic reasoning and belief change
  • Linear logic
  • Logic of diagrams
  • Many-valued logics and open worlds
  • Vagueness its logic and mathematics
  • Square of oppositions
  • Rationality and reasoning
  • Functional analysis and Topology
  • Fuzzy topological frame and category theory
  • Modal logic
  • Interplay of mathematics, art and poetry
  • Philosophy of mathematics