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 The Artist: Jack also know as Gradiate

Jack originally concieved of the idea of a gamers comic when he was about 15 years old. He had always wanted to do a comic, but, not having the drawing skills (and still working on having them), he wasn't able to complete his idea. So, when he turned 17, he dug up his old comics and re-drew them. Still not completely satisfied, he had almost given up on his idea of ever completing the series, when Miguel contacted him over DeviantART. Thrilled with the idea of having a partner in creating his comic, he accepted Miguel's offer to help. Thus, with many revisions, Jack and Miguel have created the characters, Juan and Jack, modeled after their own experiences. Jack is currently in his senior year of High School, and plans to go to college and study Computer Forensics and Criminal Justice. He is also the artist that made the cover for the book Fatum Chronicles by David Herbert.

The Writter: Miguel also known as lordpepito 

Miguel began writting short stories that were completly random and made littile sencefor alot of people. A good example would be "The Legend of Cowboy Bubba" that was about a cowboy that was raised by wild chickens. Miguel soon began to gain interest in filmaking especially machinema. He began to produce a show similar to Red vs Blue called Spartan rejects with his friends. But his friends bailed in the last minute and Miguel was forced to call it off. One day while looking at one of his friends deviant art pages he saw three comics about gamers called RPGcrazed that were created by a young artist know as Gradiate. Soon Miguel contacted Gradiate and now together they are creating the RPGcrazed that you know today. Miguel currently studies Electronics at The University Of Puerto Rico Aguadilla Campus (CORA) and he plans to continue studing Computer engenering in the future.