I am an assistant professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Portugal).

My current research is about the generation of landscapes, through the Genetic Terrain Program (GTP) technique. This technique consists of interactive evolution of terrains by means of Genetic Programming. The outcome is a Terrain Program (TP) that is able to procedurally generate a family of terrains – different terrains with coherent morphological characteristics. Fig. 1 presents two terrains generated by a TP evolved by aesthetic appeal. For more details about GTP please check my Publications section, or contact me: remove-miguel.frade@ipleiria.pt (delete the "remove-" prefix on email address)

Fig. 1 - Top view of two aesthetic terrains, generated by: TP=myLog(myLog(myLog(myLog(myLog(myLog(fBm(x,y,0,1.0,1.97,2)))))))
These terrains were generated within Blender 3D and rendered with YafRay (click on images to enlarge)

Demo of the game "Chapas" where a Terrain Program is used to generate the terrain.
The video game binaries and source code can be downloaded here

Demo of game "Chapas"

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