Miguel Farias, DPhil
Reader in Cognitive & Biological Psychology
Coventry University


Centre for Research in Psychology, Behaviour & Achievement
Priory Street, Coventry CV1 5FB

My major research interest is on the psychology of beliefs. I have used a variety of methods to study beliefs, including field experiments and neuroimaging. For my doctorate I studied the psychological implications of adherence to spiritual beliefs, including personality (Farias, Claridge, & Lalljee, 2005) and motivational factors (Farias & Lalljee, 2008). Following that I worked with philosophers and neuroscientists in exploring how religious belief modulates the experience of pain (Wiech, Farias, Kahane, Shackel, Tiede, & Tracey, 2009).  I have also conducted research on conspiracy beliefs (Newheiser, Farias, & Tausch, 2011), the mental health of modern spiritual individuals (Farias, Gordon, and Underwood, 2012) and moral decision-making (Kahane et al, 2012). My most recent work focuses on the psychological effects of yoga in UK prisons (sponsored by the BIAL Foundation), the role of belief in science in coping with stress and anxiety, and the modification of beliefs (sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation).

For PDFs of selected publications, see http://coventry.academia.edu/MiguelFarias

For my music writing (in Portuguese), see http://www.facebook.com/pages/Miguel-Farias/128843653960143