Migration & Culture 2008 

ASB 340 Migration & Culture, SBS 450 Local/Global, SOC 331 Migration

Prof Kristin Koptiuch, ASU at the West Campus, Phoenix, Arizona

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ASU students' original research and reflective writing on immigrants and refugees worldwide

Crossing the Valley Project

Interviews with Immigrants & Refugees in Metropolitan Phoenix

Family Migration Artifacts

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Migrants in the City

Previous semesters of Migration & Culture:  2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2001

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On April 2 our course took an all-day fieldtrip to Tucson and Nogales, Mexico. In addition to our 21 ASU students, 13 students and two faculty members from Paradise Valley Community College joined our trip. The trip was organized by Borderlinks, a nonprofit organization dedicated to education about US/Mexico border issues, including migration. Check out our photo gallery from the US/Mexico border.