Migrant Variations and 
Gendered Low-Wage Job 
Clusters in U.S. Cities Project 

Department of SociologySan Jose State University 

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The MiGJob Project
The Migrant Variation and Gendered Low-Wage Job Clusters in U.S. Cities (MiGJob) Project is a dedicated research effort that examines low-wage occupational patterns for a set of racial-ethnic groups in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Honolulu, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC. 

Racial-ethnic groups to be studied include Asian Indian, Colombian, Filipino, Guatemalan, Guamanian, Native Hawaiian, Haitian, Nicaraguan, Nigerian, Honduran, Palestinian, Puerto Rican, Salvadorian, Turkish, and Vietnamese. 

The project analyzes, in particular, sample data from the U.S. Decennial Census and the American Community Survey to evaluate competing theories on gender and labor market processes.    

The Research Team
Peter Chua, Ph.D., Research Project Director
— Joan Torne, M.A., Research Associate
— Graduate Student Assistants (since Jan. 2007):
    - Elia Nino
    - Amanda Shigihara
    - Arsy Vartanian
— Undergraduate Student Assistants (since Jan. 2007):
    - Richard Alvarado
    - Sarah Corso
    - Marlene Elizalde
    - Darcie Kiyan
    - Gavin Leonard
    - Claudia Lopez
    - Tuneka Tucker

Academic and Community Advisory Committee
— Darcie Vandegrift (Drake University)
— Joanne Rondilla (University of California, Berkeley)
— Light Carruyo (Vassar College)
— Philippine Forum (New York City, NY)
— Robyn Rodriguez (Rutgers University)
— Susana Peña (Bowling Green State University)
— VietUnity (Oakland, CA)

The 2006-7 SJSU Lottery Grant partially supported this project.