Inside Mighty Meals

Inside Mighty Meals: 

 One Mighty Meals project is located in the township of Bweyogerere nearby Kampala, Uganda's capital City.  
Bweyogerere Multi Purpose Primary School provides care and education for many orphan children.   The needy condition of many of the local children and those who are rescued from throughout Uganda makes it necessary for the school to look far and wide for support for those who are hungry and whose ed
ucation is negatively affected by this.

A Child's Story:

One of the children in BMPPS was the sole survivor of a serious car crash.  Both of her parents were killed as were her siblings, she has now no surviving relatives.   She attends school every day and is provided with a meal via Mighty Meals, this little girl will grow into a healthy adult all because she is supported by donors in the UK who provide funds to this Mighty Meals project.


Food for Pakistani Christians:

Many Christians in Pakistan are finding severe persecution during recent times.   Christians are a minority in a predominantly Muslim country and so are often seen as second class citizens being given only the least well paid jobs and are often left to beg for food.   Mission International has been helping these poor Christian groups in Pakistan by providing them with food.   If you would like to help support Pakistani Christians as they go through a very difficult period in their lives, please use the forms attached below.

Food Parcels:

Here some food parcels are prepared for needy families in Lahore, Pakistan.
Mighty Meals in Haiti:
Currently Mission International is raising funds to feed hungry children in Haiti.   After the huge earthquake which tooke place in January 2010 many children, families and communities have been shattered, withing the range of the quake as well as throughout the whole nation.  
Supporting Mighty Meals:
Your contribution to Mighty Meals, no matter the amount, will make a difference to these needy children.   £25 can feed a child in Uganda for a whole school year.
Donate Online

Postal Donations:
Please use the attached forms below or to contribute to Mighty Meals in Haiti, Pakistan or Uganda, stating where you would like your donation to be used.
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