Fundraising is fun:
There are many people who, whether they want to be part of a mission team or not, would like to raise funds for the work of Mission International.  
Fundraising can be fun and create a real 'team spirit' with a group of often quite disparate people within a church, school or community group.   You may have some brilliant new ideas or wish to use some of the fundraising options that have been tried and tested over the years, however you proceed you can be sure that the world's poor children, families and communities will benefit from what you do and from the funds you raise.
From bag packing in your local supermarket to climbing Kilimanjaro the fact that you have made it possible for someone's life to be radically changed will matter not only in the short term but for many years to come.  
Fundraising ideas:
  • Sponsored events like walks, cycle runs and car washes always inspire those who perhaps are not able to cope with more strenuous pursuits and are great for involving the whole family or community.
  • Coffee mornings, cake & candy and craft stalls where all sorts of products can be sold as people shop for Christmas, Easter and other special occasions.
  • Non-uniform days, sponsored silences and the like always go down well in schools.
  • Summer fetes and other occasions like these allow a fun day out for the family to raise some funds too.  
  • Events where there is an element of competition for those involved can be effective too.   Team events, where each team is required to raise a minimum contribution to the projected total often inspires a great competition. Donate Online
Please let us know if you come up with useful fundraising ideas.

Mission International now has a Just Giving page from which you can link your fundraising activities.
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