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Thursday, February 26, 2009 7:20 PM

Hi there :), I was talking with PeterSymonds a little while ago on IRC about DYK (Being that he used to be an active DYK admin and DYK is running low of admin help these days :( ) and how I have been active at DYK sense March '08 and I would like to be able to help out more with some of the more advanced tasks that are restricted to admins due to the fact that the DYK pages are full protected.  So Peter suggested that I might look into starting a RfA to get the admin flag so that I could help out more at DYK, he then did a look over of my contribs (He said he looked at my DYK contribs, my speedy tags, vandal reverts, etc).  He also said that their was only one red flag which was a speedy that I had tagged and didn't get deleted because the author of the article had expanded the article to assert notability.  But aside from that he said that I have a good history of deleted edits, and he then said that I should go to you for a more detailed review, and then to go from their about pursuing a RfA.  So, I am asking that if you have the time, if you could review my contribs and then offer me some suggestions if there's anything that you see that could be seen as a red flag on an RfA before I try to find somone to nom me for RfA and then actually go for a RfA.  Thanks in advance and All the Best, ~Mifter

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