Meet Mrs. Stern

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Hello there, Mifflin Park Mustangs! I am so excited to be your PE teacher this year! This is my 4th year with the Governor Mifflin School District and I love teaching here. The students, staff, and families that make up the Mifflin community are like no other. You're truly the best!

In addition to my teaching family, I've got a pretty awesome family of my own. My husband, JD, is a high school PE teacher and football coach, and we've got 3 amazing daughters. Lucy is 16, Summer is 13, and Piper is 8. We've got a couple of spoiled pets too.... 5 Newfoundland dogs, 2 guinea pigs, and 1 rabbit. Yep, that's more than a couple, that's actually quite a lot!

I think you're going to love the new activities we'll be doing in PE class this year and the Family Fun Nights we'll be trying out. Let's make a pact, okay? You come to class prepared and ready to go, willing to TRY YOUR BEST each and every day, and I'll come to class prepared and ready to do MY BEST to help you succeed...Always. Sound good?

Here's the most important part....Get ready for loads of silliness, tons of movement, and a whole lot of fun! Go Mifflin Park Mustangs!

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Contact Mrs. Stern @ or (610) 898-1489 x5831