5 Things...

Things to get excited about!

Buddy Program - This year we’ll be partnering with Mrs. Mohl and her students at the middle school! They’ll be joining us in the gym, helping us host activities, and creating really cool projects with YOU!

Family FUN Nights - Throughout the year we’ll be hosting evenings where you and your families will be able to come take part in some pretty awesome activities. These activities could be anything; scavenger hunts, fitness classes, cooperative games, carnivals! Have an idea? Let me know..... we just might be able to do it!

Student Designed Field Day - ATTENTION 4th GRADERS, this year YOU, yes YOU, will be planning, designing, and leading our annual Field Day experiences! This takes a lot of work, there will definitely be some after school hours required. If you think you’ve got what it takes to plan the BEST FIELD DAY EVER, see Mrs. Stern.

Teacher Warm-Up Leaders - Get ready to see your classroom teachers like you’ve never seen them before! Using our green screen, your classroom teachers will be making warm up exercise videos for us to use in P.E. class.

Last, but certainly not least, WE HAVE A WEBSITE! I’ll be sharing all of our P.E. successes right here, as often as possible. All of our Mifflin Park Mustangs are ⭐’s ... you deserve to shine!

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