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This website is dedicated to the international auxiliary language Spokil, created in the end of the 19th century. Nowadays virtually unknown, it was one of many artificial universal languages which emerged after the success of Volapük. Spokil was created in 1887 by Adolphe Charles Antoine Marie Nicolas, a French doctor from La Bourboule. Some sources give the information, that Spokil was created in 1890. Dr Adolphe Nicolas was a former Volapükist, who later proposed his own language. Spokil was reformed and ameliorated several times and in the beginning of the 20th century
it was officially published. Linguistically Spokil is one of the Volapükids - languages created in a manner similar to Volapük, although it is hard to understand Spokil being a Volapükist, mainly regarding its completely different vocabulary. Unfortunately Spokil did not gain success, probably due to the growing success of Esperanto at that time. Dr Nicolas presented Spokil to the Committee of The Delegation For The Adoption Of An International Language in Paris in 1907, without greater success. Nevertheless, the language itself is a fascinating piece of interlinguistics and it has a very specific character, this is why this page was created as the homage to the universal language Spokil.
Mi espai Spokil.
I speak Spokil.