As I make one-off pieces, these images are examples of my work. Some of the pieces are available through my outlets and whilst others maybe already sold. Prices start at NZ$250 (and are mostly in the $300-400 range).
Please contact me if you wish to discuss a commission.

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E368. Tarnish resistant sterling silver with red sapphires and black freshwater pearl dangle. Length 63mm.
E369. Curved tarnish resistant sterling silver with silver shot and pale yellow/pink sapphire and white freshwater pearl dangle. Length 64mm
E341.Tarnish resistant sterling silver set with oval pink freshwater pearl and piano key ebony drop decorated with silver dots. 58mm long
E342.Tarnish resistant sterling silver set with oval piano ebony with floral pattern and black freshwater pearl drops. 47.6mm long.

E314. Oxidised fold formed sterling silver leaves with 8mm labradorite cab. 62mm
E318.Oxidised sterling silver with fine silver NZ silver fern and white freshwater pearls. 57.6mm long

E292. Oxidised roll printed sterling silver and black freshwater pearls. 55mm long.
E204.Tarnish resistant sterling silver tree seeds and white freshwater pearl set in a ‘sun-burst’.

Sterling silver roll printed 'leaves' set with pink zircons.
Length 62mm

Tarnish resistant sterling silver fused in a swirl & dot pattern in shield shape with white freshwater pearls.   63mm long                            

Tarnish resistant sterling silver with a fused swirl & dot pattern in shield shape set with carnelian cab, hinged hooks.  51mm long

Sterling silver, gold & oval amethysts, matai wood.
Length 65mm. 
Earrings: SS Fan shape paua set with amethyst dangle. Length 75mm

Earrings:Fan shape paua set with apatite and long SS dangle. Length 80mm
Sterling silver, gold, blue zircon & paua.
Length  67mm 

Sterling silver, oval blue topaz and long shield shaped paua.
Length 70mm                                                   

Textured domed sterling silver, with white feshwater keshi pearl.
Length 40mm                                                                    
Sterling and fine silver, layer gold with black blister pearls.
Length 50mm

Sterling silver hollow form with red/orange sapphire and freshwater pearls. Length 4cm    

Sterling silver, gold, yellow/orange sapphires and fresh water pearl drops.  Length 32mm
Oxidised sterling silver and natural coloured freshwater pearls.
Length 45mm  

 Oxidised sterling silver and white freshwater pearls.
Length 45mm 
Sterling silver hooks comprising of small leaves and set with white  fresh water pearls.
size 22mm                                                                         

Oxidised sterling silver and fresh water pearl hooks.
Length 30mm

Cast sterling silver tulip tree seeds and turquoise cabochon stones set with pale green sapphires.
Length 55mm

Cast sterling silver tulip tree seeds and golden beryl gems.
Length 50mm                                                                

Sterling silver with freshwater white pearls and NZ paua
Length 50mm  



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