Remodelling/new commissions

Shown below are some examples of unique pieces I have been asked to make - for events such as birthdays and weddings or to remember someone special - or simply just as a wonderful treat! In addition, I do a limited number of remodeling jobs each year to recycle heirloom pieces to produce beautiful new jewels. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time should you wish to discuss a special commission or to talk about remodeling or remaking existing jewels (see details on my Contact page) - you will also see more information on the two relevant pages in the sub-directory.  Newly commissioned ring prices start from around $700 (for silver bands with stones set in gold) - for details on re-modelling prices please see the linked page.

Please click on the relevant image for a magnified view.

 This lady was a joy to work with and even came with a paper model with what she wanted. Her old yellow gold jewellery was used to make the shank and the diamonds from the rings where set into a new pear shaped trumpet of white gold.

 "Shooting Stars" ring. Using customer old 9ct yellow gold for the settings and as there was enough gold left over an outer sleeve of gold was used and an inner sleeve of sterling silver. The stones are 6mm cubic zirconias and flush set rubies.

Tarnish resistant sterling silver flowers set with onyx gems and 9ct gold rails.

7x5mm oval white sapphire set in 18ct yellow gold on a tarnish resistant sterling silver band that is flush set with synthetic emeralds,  rhodolite garnets and moonstone

Re-modeling of 'his and hers' wedding rings - on the right the original rings in yellow gold, with the new jewels on the left. The new rings were restyled in a white metal (Continuum silver, a special alloy) incorporating some of their original gemstones (diamonds and blue sapphires) with the addition of the birthstones of their sons. The yellow gold from the original rings was recycled and the value was set against the cost of the re-styling.


Bracelet made for a 25th wedding anniversary made from sterling silver and 25 swiss blue topaz set in gold.

An engagement ring made for a very sporty lady who did not want a high set stone and so choose a pink gold band set with multi-coloured sapphires, with the larger one set in yellow gold for contrast.

His and Hers wedding band set.

Sterling silver bands with gold decoration and each set with a diamond.

This was made as a replacement for a lost wedding ring. As he worked with rivers and waterways, the ring was designed to reflect the movement of water.
Made in sterling silver, gold and blue enamel.

An eye-catching square synthetic emerald set in gold on a sterling silver band.

8.6ct concave cut sky blue topaz set in gold on a Sterling silver band.

A beautiful 3.4ct (9x9mm) cushion cut peridot set in gold made for a lady born in August. Birthstones are a wonderful way of celebrating our nearest and dearest.

This lady had had her jewels stolen from home and when she received the insurance money, decided to have a new ring made for herself.

A lovely spessartine garnet set in gold in a tarnish resistant sterling silver band, which is flush set with 3 small garnets on each shoulder.

These beautiful pinky champagne sapphires were bequeathed by a client's sister who decided to have them made into a ring.The sapphires are set in gold in a tapered tarnish resistant sterling silver band.

Recycled gold belcher chain transformed into a ring.

This lady wanted an engagement ring set with a rectangular stone. She had her Grandmothers' broken belcher chain, which she wished to use as it had sentimental value. The chain was melted down and remade into this ring set with a beautiful rectangular cut deep purple amethyst.
Some 9kt gold was left over and this was used to make a plain wedding band for her husband.

An excellent way to re-purpose old jewellery into something beautiful and sentimental!