Education & Training

Education and training in the Miebach-Group

Education is constantly the
key of self-improvement on the one side and customer satisfaction on the other side.
Do you want to improve your
skills and join the world of professional welders?
Take a look at what certified courses we offer to take your career to a next level.
All of our courses are
Tüv-certified. Our accession rate is more than 70%.

Current Courses

Educate yourself and benefit in a professional work environment. As nationwide, approved ancertified company ( AZAV) we offer the following courses.

    Course 1 
           Basics Orbital welding

In this course we teach the basics of orbitl welding. The course is                    divided into one theoretical and one practical part.
Course Duration 1 Week.

    Course 2
           TIG-Orbital Welder

Constructive in the basics of orbital welding this course engages   
in the special circumstances on construction sites, as weather, 
material, work condition, gases etc. and the solution findings.
    Course 3
           TIG-Hand Welder

This course is structured in one theoretical and one practical part.
All basics for TIG-welding will be taught. Also advanced courses are
are available.
    Course 4 
           Pipe Fitter-ISO

In this course you get the qualification as Pipe Fitter-ISO.
The duration of this course takes 7 weeks.