Starting on September 3 2011 Lin Lee, CNM, Olga Libova, CNM and Bethany Monte, CNM will no longer be associated with Altos Oaks Medical Group, Inc. Please join the "svpregnancysupport" yahoo group to learn more about the future of hospital-based midwifery in Silicon Valley.


Altos Oaks Midwifery Services was created in 2002 and was the first (and still the only) midwifery practice associated with El Camino Hospital. The corner stone of midwifery care is individualized approach, continuity of care and respect for personal preferences within the framework of medical safety. 

    Altos Oaks Midwives provide care in collaboration with OB/GYN physicians, also widely utilizing the services of other specialists, such as perinatologists, ultrasonographers, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, doulas, hypnotherapists as appropriate in each individual case.

    Altos Oaks Midwives provide prenatal care, attend women in labor and deliver babies in El Camino Hospital, follow up in postpartum period, and continue to provide well-woman and gynecological care for all age groups from teenage to menopausal women.

    Focusing on the needs of childbearing women, Altos Oaks Midwives expand their care to include unique services for their patients, such as monthly pregnancy support group Afternoon Tea With Midwives , midwife-led Labor and Delivery Tours, unique flexible childbirth preparation classes, on-line midwives-moderated pregnancy and parenting support group.