MIDWEST Art and Lettering Retreat
AUGUST 13 - 16, 2015
Registration opens February 1st, 2015

"Art requires work to come into being. But unlike most of the jobs and chores that occupy our lives, the act of creating art involves the whole person."   VICTORIA NELSON

"And," you might ask, "just when does one get time to create art using your whole, focused person?!" Well...The MIDWEST Art and Lettering Retreat 2015 offers the opportunity for artists to study and create art that "INVOLVES THE WHOLE PERSON." Retreat for four full days away from the interruptions and chores of your daily routine. Sleep in a single, air-conditioned room. Enjoy food made for you by the award winning Bon Appetit food service. Relax with friends who share your love of art. And above all, learn and create in air-conditioned classrooms with the guidance of a master teacher.

THREE MASTER ARTISTS will be teaching and guiding at MIDWEST Art and Lettering Retreat 2015.
Berry - Holliday - Moore

 Jill Berry - An Intimate Atlas

 Eliza Holliday - Brush Duet

 Suzanne Moore - Letters as Subject

In AN INTIMATE ATLAS Jill Berry will be teaching her very unique approach to journaling via "mapping" personal experiences. Or get your brushes ready to join Eliza Holliday's flat and pointed brush lettering class, BRUSH DUET. And Suzanne Moore will lead the letter-based design and composition class, LETTERS AS SUBJECTClick on Workshop Choices in the navigation bar at left for additional information.

MIDWEST also offers an INDEPENDENT STUDY retreat option for anyone interested in having a private space to work on artwork of their choice in lieu of taking a class. You plan your own work schedule and join other retreat goers for meals and social times. 

ALL WHO ARE INTERESTED IN THE ARTS are invited to participate in this retreat. One of the classes, “AN INTIMATE ATLAS” is open to anyone who has an interest in studying Jill Berry's unique approach to journaling. You do NOT have to be a calligrapher to participate in this class. Two of the classes, "BRUSH DUET" and "LETTERS AS SUBJECT" do require calligraphic lettering experience. 

You do not need to be a member of Minnesota’s Colleagues of Calligraphy organization to register. The cost of the retreat is the same for members and non-members. Students register for one four day class and then stay in the selected class for the entire retreat.