The Midwest Olympus staff is excited to announce that we are again offering you educational classes to give you even more chances to hang out with your friends, discuss kinky topics and/or learn a new skill. We have a great line up of classes and presenters. This is sure to be a good time and we hope you will all join us in expanding our kinky Leather horizons. 

Into the Dark - MsDemanda
There is no doubt our fantasies can be wild, intoxicating, and completely dark in nature. Consensual Non-Consent & Edge Play are often misunderstood in our lifestyle, but can be greatly rewarding experiences. However, these types of scenes require all participants to be risk aware and understand what it is that they are getting into. This class will arm with you knowledge to make the best out of these scenes, and give you insight on what to do if things turn sour in these situations.

Ask an Enby! - Perrin
Ever have a question for a trans/non-binary person that you couldn’t find the opportunity to ask? Want to get educated but afraid of asking for emotional labor? Here is your chance! boy Matt is opening up to discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about non-binary gender, as well as opening the floor for any questions you might have.

*disclaimer: Perrin is only one non-binary person and cannot speak for the entire enby community, only from their own experience.

Who is Driving Here??? Control, Power Struggles and other Sneaky
Speed Bumps in your M/s - Scott and lyon
In this class we will explore some of the common concerns and sneak-attack issues that can pop up inside of your dynamic. The discussion will include topics such as maintaining the dynamic in times of stress and conflict, unconscious power struggles, trust, passive aggressive behaviors, lack of consistency, behaviors vs. language and other things that slowly work to eat away at your M/s dynamic. This class will probably appeal most to those already involved in a dynamic and have some experience, although also to anyone who does way too much thinking about this topic. Ha!

Horse of Another Color: Examining what Pony Play can do for YOU! - Pony Triple
We've all seen the parade ponies, jumping and dressage ponies but what if that's not your speed? Pony Triple is no strangers to being a horse of another color!  In this class, we'll be examining what all Pony Play can be and looking at how to incorporate it into the play you already enjoy! So hop in the saddle and let Pony Triple show you how to take the reins on your own style of Pony Play! We'll be discussing the head space of trainer and pony, some common gear and equipment and several types of play you might not have expected to find in the stables!

The Most Versatile Tool You Will Ever Play With: The Cane - Mactep & Rhee
Everyone has a reaction to the cane, whether it is visceral and one of abject hatred, or one of I like that sting and I want more. But it is a largely misunderstood implement, and in trained hands can be a most sadistic implement, or one that has a great deal of sensuousness to its use. Come learn about different uses for one of our time honored implements. Bring a friend as there will be time to practice and use new techniques that are taught.

Cock Block with a Lock, Around the Clock
- Ms. Brenda & slave Arcane
Guys grow up taking their genitals for granted.  Since birth their little buddy and his cohorts are a constant companion - a source of gratifying adventures both real and imaginary, always right at hand. Yet for some guys there is something undeniably erotic about being refused access to their pleasurable pal. In this presentation we are going to discuss: How to pursue male chastity safely, what is in it for the keyholder,  the pros and cons of various devices, how to maintain male chastity for as long as you choose and, maybe include games to earn rewards. Learn how to harness the power of the key, and spur on your power exchange relationship through enforced tease and denial.

As usual, something unique to Midwest Olympus - our Judges and Staff are hosting a closing panel discussion on all things contest related! We'll be covering the different titles, where they go and who thy represent. So bring your questions and join in the conversation.