The Midwest Olympus staff is excited to announce that we are again offering you educational classes to give you even more chances to hang out with your friends, discuss kinky topics and/or learn a new skill. We have a great line up of classes and presenters. This is sure to be a good time and we hope you will all join us in expanding our kinky Leather horizons. 

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Confirmed Class topics:

Self-Care and Mental Health for the Right Side of the Slash : slave lyon


As the saying goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup, and nowhere is this more true than for those who spend their time taking care of others. If you don’t take care of yourself, there will be nothing left for anyone else. It’s hard to play with a broken toy! This class will explore self-care as a concept as well as discuss practical ways little letter identified folks can implement self-care into their daily lives for their own well-being.


Human Furniture : slave amendah

What IS human furniture… it a kink? A form of service? Does the thought of being an inanimate object for someone’s feet or cigar give you a sense of comfort, thrill or a smile across the face? Then join us in this unique mix of discussion, demo and hands on experience where you might just find a place to rest your feet.

Beyond the Binary: Male, Female or Something Else Altogether: boy Matt

Join us as we explore challenges associated with coming out and living as genderqueer/gender non-conforming/non-binary. Topics discussed will include but are not limited to pronouns, navigating relationships, sex, and kinky play. This is a round table discussion so please come share your stories, your experience and your strength with us. All genders are welcome.

Figging & Caning Workshop: Markher & pennygurl

This class is a tribute to the Victorian Era in England. Figging and Caning are commonly associated with the punishment of naughty school girls and boys. The use of ginger, inserted into the behind of the naughty student (figging), prevented the clenching of the buttocks while the punishment (caning) was applied. We will begin with a brief history of both caning and figging, and then move into a discussion of present day practices. And the end, this updated version has the naughty pennygurl presenting her lovely bottom to Markher; suffering the humiliation of being figged and receiving "six of the best". This is one class you don’t want to miss. It will "burn" a pleasant memory, while leaving a "striking" impression that you will want to experience for yourself.

The way of the #PrEPWarrior: Sexual health, freedom & self-advocacy in the 21st century: Sir Jim

This class focuses specifically on topics of how to advocate for yourself on the topic of PrEP. While introductory information regarding PrEP and its effectiveness will be covered as material, this is not the primary goal of this class. Topics such as self-education, dealing your health care providers, reacting to stigma from health care providers, and slut shaming will be covered. The format of this class is open ended- while this is not a round table or a panel discussion, open and frank communication from participants is appreciated. We all learn from each other’s experiences.


Dollification 101: slave Angie

This demonstration will be focused on giving class goers the opportunity to ask questions and workshop ideas surrounding the fetish of Dollification. Angie, will be talking about resources available to interested folks, providing tips and tricks for newcomers to the kink, and speaking about her personal experiences with respect to this unique form of objectification. Participants are highly encouraged to bring ideas they want help brainstorming through and topical questions on everything from wigs, makeup, clothing, and creating a doll persona. However, please do remember you have everything you already need to do Dollifcation! YOU! This class will be a mix of discussion and demonstration.

This Is What Recovery Looks Like: Pup Havok

Substance abuse, self harm, mental health and a slew of other issues take their toll on the larger world and our community is different. So how do we support those in our community who are struggling with these issues? Join Pup Havok in this round table discussion about recovery and building a stronger community.

And for something unique to Midwest Olympus - our Judges and Staff are hosting a closing panel discussion on all things contest related! We'll be covering the different titles, where they go and who thy represent. So bring your questions and join in the conversation.