Friday night meet and greet. 
So great to see so many patch 
clubs represented! 

Vonn, Producer of International Olympus Leather, gifting Leathers.


Bad Ass is RIGHT! 
SpikeCho-Kerr from the Big Girl Burlesque showing allllll that
Leather Pride!
(Above and Below)

(Below) Mr. Midwest Olympus 
Leather 2018, Dylan, 
stepping aside in fashion! 

(Even if it shocks a cub.)

When the lights go out on a 
contest you just keep on keeping on. This February we had such a blast 
with friends and family of 
Midwest Olympus! 

There were no contestants, but we still danced, laughed, loved and made some money - for the children. 

Here are just a few of the weekend photos that we CAN show you before things got really silly. 

Sadly this is the last contest for 
The Highball Tavern. 

The always lovely Sister Heidi Ho giving us the Blessing before thing begin on Saturday!

This is what it looks like BEFORE the lights go out across town and force you to finish the show by flashlight. 
So thankful to everyone who hung out with us for being patient and for rolling with the punches! 

Our house Bootblack, Bjorn, representing for Mr. Friendly and popping a HIGH shine! 

So much fun was had this year - 
We decided to do it all again!?!

Producer Shan-Wow says, 
"Group Picture!" 
with no clue that dancer, Dean Gauge managed to get in on the shot! 


So much FEM power is this pic! 

Puppy = Sexy dancer! 

Our Sunday Keynote Speaker, 
Counselor Ochumaré Onyx.