Consent and Identification

Each contestant must be at least 21 years of age. Contestants will be required to sign a model release and provide photocopies of a government issued photo identification of themselves with their entry form to the finals. The model releases will be available at contestant registration.

Hold Blameless and Model Releases

Each contestant agrees to hold blameless Midwest Olympus Leather, its producers, staff, weekend volunteer personnel and/or state sponsors for injuries, economic loss, or any liability; and to pay all court costs in any litigation that may arise from any legal action taken by the contestant against the aforementioned. Contestants, and those participating in their staged fantasy, waive all legal/financial responsibilities of Midwest Olympus Leather contest, location, and staff in the event of an accident or injury.  

Title Year Defined

The title year is defined as beginning when a contestant is named the winner of the Midwest Mr., Ms, or Mx Olympus Leather Contest until the following year’s contest when a new winner is announced. The same applies to the state and preliminary titles, should they exist. Please note that due to the dates of Midwest Olympus Leather Contest, winner(s) will have approximately three months to continue to represent the title before they compete at International Olympus Leather, and are expected to act in accordingly.  

Runner-up Responsibilities

The first runner-up at the preliminary level agrees to assume the title, privileges and responsibilities of the winner if the winner resigns or has their title removed. The second runner-up agrees to do the same whenever the winner and first runner-up no longer hold the title during the official title year.

Travel Fund Raffle Basket Auction Participation

Each contestant agrees to participate in raffle ticket sales on Friday night, and an auction basket which will be a benefit for the winners’ travel fund. The travel fund will be split so that the two winners will have an equal percentage of the funds. Travel Funds will administered by Midwest Olympus Leather.

Winners to Participate in International Olympus Leather

Each contestant agrees to attend the following year’s Midwest Olympus Leather Contest Weekend and to participate in the International Mr., Ms, and Mx Olympus Leather Contest if they win.

Each contestant agrees on the preliminary level to represent the Midwest Mr., Ms, and Mx Olympus Leather title during the full year of their title should they win on the regional level. They are not obligated to travel, speak, participate, or do any fundraising although they may be asked to do so by clubs, organizations, and businesses in the community, and Midwest Olympus Leather highly encourages this participation. If they elect to travel, speak, participate, or do fundraising, they do so of their own volition. It is not a requirement of the title.

Midwest Olympus Leather DOES require winners to maintain an active social media presence and advertise their events and travel to the best of their abilities on whatever platform they prefer to be public on. It is also expected that winner(s) will maintain contact with Owners/Producers of Midwest Olympus Leather throughout their title year.

Agreement to Compete In All Categories

Each contestant agrees to participate in all of the categories of the Midwest Olympus Leather Contest Finals; including Interview, Fetish Image, Speech, Stage Presence and Fantasy. They also agree to participate in International Olympus Leather Weekend fundraising activities.


The Interview will consist of a question/answer period with a panel of judges. The Interview will last approximately 15 minutes on the Saturday morning of the staged contest. Interviews are closed to the general public, handlers and producers.

Fetish Image

The Fetish Image category gives each contestant the opportunity to demonstrate his/her concern for the entire Leather/SM/fetish community, during the weekend. Fetish Image includes interactions with judges, other contestants, VIPs, and the general public during the Midwest Mr., Ms, and Mx Olympus Leather Contest weekend. This starts Friday when the contestants arrive and continues until the staged portion of the contest ends. We are looking for someone who can get along with and be open to everyone. We believe that one-on-one interaction between the titleholder(s) and the community is an important part of a titleholder’s reign.


The Speech will be a 2 minute speech on any topic the contestant wishes to address.  It can be an introduction but should not be your Bio, an explanation of platform or a stance on something the contestant feels passionate about.


The Fantasy will be a staged erotic production of 5-7 minutes by each contestant. This Fantasy does not have to be an SM fantasy, but must be descriptive of and/or based on, at least one fetish. Each contestant is responsible for their own props. Fantasies must be done in accordance with Federal, State, and County laws, within the limits of the contest venue, and any insurance policy guidelines. Props must be cleared off the stage within two minutes of the end of each fantasy. (stage crew will be provided for this task).  No wax, oils, or sprays leaving residue, slipperiness, or discoloration on the stage may be used. If any liquids are used a tarp covering the whole area beneath the fantasy must be used to protect the stage from damage and to make the change for the next fantasy expedient. Contestants must supply their own background music and sound in CD or Mp3 format. The content of each fantasy must be cleared with the contest production manager before rehearsal begins. No surprises please! Each contestant is permitted two performers to participate. These performers will be admitted to the contest venue at no charge but must purchase their own ticket to the educational event and Brunch.

Stage Presence/Pop Questions

Stage Presence includes appearances on stage and how the contestant answers a light/humorous question and one serious question asked them by the emcee(s). The questions will be created in advance by the Midwest Mr., Ms, and Mx Olympus Leather Judges and will be drawn by lot by each contestant as they appear on stage. Every effort will be made to ensure that the questions are equally relevant and thought provoking to provide a fair balance.

Updated: 9-20-2017