Counselor Ochumaré ONYX
, is also known as Sir Benjamin/Ochumaré to his boy and Handler to his Pup. Counselor Ochumaré is currently the President and one of the six charter members of the ONYX Great Lakes Chapter, which is based out of Michigan and Ohio. This chapter became official in November of 2016, with him being President since. Onyx Great Lakes is part of the national leather organization of ONYX for men of color who engage in the leather community. Counselor Ochumaré’s leather journey has been at least 7 years, starting with his acknowledgment of his own desire for and positive reaction to leather itself, and continuing with the respect, understanding and teaching of the relationships developed from that journey to date. He appreciates, respects and supports those fulfilling their leather journey and desires, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation/designation (i.e. how one designates themselves). He has judged previously at Mr. Kentucky Leather, Indiana Leather, and served as a Tally Master for IMsL 2017.  He is honored to be a Judge and Keynote speaker for Midwest Olympus Leather Weekend.

Logan Savage is the first non-binary person to run for and win the Cincinnati Leather title. They look forward to a year of expanding the community, education, inclusiveness, and hopefully more than one bar-side spanking. Along with their D-type/pup, one bio dog, five cats, and at least two ghosts, they live in the northwestern suburbs of Cincinnati and can usually be found working, reading, or throwing down at a local metal or punk show.

boy Kaz, International Leatherboy 2017, is an active member of the Northeast Ohio LGBTQ, leather, and kink communities. Currently, boy Kaz is honing his bootblacking skills by shining whenever he gets the chance. He is a founding 
member of the GDI Outlaws, has rocked a hairy chest since High School, and advocates for better autism awareness. He hails from Cleveland, Ohio where he lives with his Sir/husband of 15 years. He enjoys chastity play, being spanked, armpits and losing his keys.

states her name reflects her color, flavor, and attitude. She loves cigar service and play, learning new skills, and sharing her knowledge with the community.  As a former of Bootblack Chrissy, bootblacking and serving the community are important to mocha. She is a member of the Tea-m here at the Columbus Space helping host monthly High Protocol Afternoon Teas and is proud to be a Leather girl in the Greater Ohio area.

Daddy (Bear) Jay hails from Louisville, KY and much like his home city is a mix of Midwestern and Southern. His pronouns are he/him/his, and he identifies as queer/gay and flags left forest green, red, houndstooth, dark blue, light blue, and black. He is Vice President of Titans of the Midwest and a founding leader with Kentucky Leather Brotherhood. He has as much love for helping, advocating for, and educating others as does his husband, boy, pup/son, leather family, and bio dogs. Whether traveling to support Kink U’s/Titan members, helping produce events locally to celebrate education, diversity and the leather community, or having small time with loved ones and friends socially and in play, the constant is a want to help others around him and learn something new. Work hard and play hard is the mantra for this Daddy / Sir / Handler / Bear hybrid.

Scarlett is a leathergirl/pain slut/bootblack.  If there is a new implement of torture, eerrrr fun, you can bet she will be one of the first to volunteer.  She has been involved in the Leather/kink community for over 15 years and says she resisted it for 15 before that. Scarlett is a member of Trident International, Columbus Ohio where she is the current Vice-President.  She also served as President from 2015 – 2018 and was the 2009 OVR Ms Bootblack. She is a member of House Arcturus and has an amazing poly family. The toys are fun but give her some leather to play with and that’s where she is the happiest.  She will try not to let you catch her eyeing your boots when you walk into the room but you know it’s the first thing she notices. Put your boot in her lap and you will send her off to her happy place which smells strangely of bacon and leather.

Anubis was Michigan Leatherboy 2017 and has been an active member in the pup/leather communities for the last 4 years. He is a sex positive Alpha Pup, who enjoys rough body play, cruising and watersports. Anubis has been collared to his Sir/ Husband Sir Jay for 4 years and is a proud Alpha to 3. He is Bootblack who isn’t afraid to get his paws dirty on a pair of boots and enjoys teaching others as well as hosting boot labs at his home. He is the treasurer for the Michigan Band of Brothers, a board member for the great lakes kennel club and is always looking for new ways to be of service to his community.