- has been involved with the leather and kink communities for over two decades and has been involved with leather contests as both a judge and tally master. She founded Power & Trust (a kinky education and support group) in 1997, Knotty Knowledge (a rope bondage peer study group) in 2010, and along with her partner (Kiltgrrl), Toledo Leather Club (a club dedicated to connecting, educating, and supporting the leather community) in 2015. A trainer and curriculum developer by profession, Traeonna is a passionate and experienced educator that teaches hands-on workshops and presents on a variety of topics in the leather, kink, occult, flow arts, and other alternative communities. Traeonna and her partner (Kiltgrrl) bring laughter to the adventure of learning by sharing their life experiences, both the successes and mistakes, and blend their skills and knowledge to present on a variety of topics including communication, energy work, connective practices, alternative relationship styles, and conflict resolution in relationships. She considers herself an endorphin enthusiast and a silly sadist who enjoys a good laugh when playing. When not teaching she loves to sew, bake, hula hoop, and amuse her Bear with her antics.

Lyon - is a slave, leather person, and bootblack from Indianapolis, IN. She currently serves as director of MAsT: Indianapolis and is 
also involved in IMAS, NLA and the Indianapolis Bootblacks Laboratory. She identifies as a potty mouth, pansexual sadomasochist. She generally sucks at writing witty bios, enjoys all manner punching, slapping, kicking, trampling, bondage and breath play as her recreations of choice, but also isn't afraid of hard work and service. She lives with her Master Scott, and the love of their lives - their English Bulldog, Rosie.  

Rhee - is a leather woman and bootblack from the Indianapolis/Lafayette areas. She is the 2015 Indiana Ms. Leather Pride and the 2016 Ms. Great Lakes Olympus Leather. She has been in the kink/leather communities for over 25 years in both Indiana and Texas. Rhee enjoys a wide variety of play types and usually is considered a heavy bottom. For other activities, she is an avid reader, writer, and educator. As an educator she talks about many topics but is particularly interested the psychology of kink and communities. She holds both a BS and an MSW in psych based fields along with work and a heavy emphasis on nutrition. Rhee resides in the Lafayette area with her husband/Master, Mr. Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2015-16, Mactep.

Pup Bolt - Mr. TriState Leather 2014, Brian "Pup Bolt" Donner, represents the states of Ohio, Indiana and 
ntucky and 
his home in Cincinnati. He placed second runner up at IML 2015, and used the platform to spread the message that the things that make us different are the things that make us special, and that we all have the power to make a positive change in the world around us, if we choose to. He is the Marketing Chairperson for Titans of the Midwest, a founding member of the CNKY Ruff Pups, and a member of Mr Friendly. He is a bondage switch, alpha pup, giant comic book nerd and aggressive hugger.  

BluegrassCub - Residing in the beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky. As an active member in both the Louisville and Lexington kink communities, he regularly attends and participates in various local events. With his passions residing in both the leather and bear communities, he has also served as officer and member of Kentucky Bourbon Bears.  He has served as judges' boy for the Mr. Crossings Leather 2014, Mr. Tri-State Leather/Rubber 2013 and as den boy for the past 4 years with GLLA.  He is a founding board member for Mr. Friendly - Team Louisville and a member of Trident International.

boy johnathan enjoys spending his free time with his leather family and friends or curled up on the couch with a good book.  Other past times that he enjoys are fine bourbons, cigars, cooking, and serving his community.  boy johnathan also enjoy being tied up and used.  He is an avid reader of gay erotica, a bit of a pain junkie and a tattoo enthusiast.  He is always on the look out to learn more....please, don't' be scared, he doesn't bite much....

katie lives in a Full Time Total Authority Transfer relationship, as slave to Kevin, for the last 14 years. While they identify as Master/slave, they enact an Executive power exchange model. They are the recipients of the 2016/2017 Great Lakes Power Exchange title. katie delights in being both wise and unexpected.  Her contributions to their presentations is always a rollicking mix of humor and brutal honesty. katie presents (at Kevin's side) internationally, including Lupercalia, Winter Wickedness, Spanksgiving, and Leather Leadership Conference, Beyond Leather, and Sin in the City. They delivered the Keynote for Power Exchange Summit IV. She loves orgasms and boardgames.

Sir Jim is Great Lakes LeatherSIR 2015 and Ohio LeatherSIR 2014. Jim is a full member of the Rangers Inc. Leather, Levi, and Uniform Club based out of Cleveland/Akron, Ohio. He has served as President, Vice-President, and Road Captain for the organization. Jim co-leads Team Friendly Northeast Ohio along with Steve, his partner of 18 years. Jim started the #PrePWarrior campaign as part of his advocacy and work with Mr. Friendly, encouraging people to educate themselves and advocate for their sexual health. He is an IT professional for a Fortune 250 company by day; by night Jim is a passionate leatherman with a penchant for flogging. He is always looking to expand his boundaries in leather, kink, and fetish. Jim enjoys the love and support of his leather family which includes his partner Steve, Sir Bob, and their collared boy Tim.