Pup Bolt - Mr. TriState Leather 2014, Brian "Pup Bolt" Donner, represents the states of Ohio, Indiana and 
ntucky and 
his home in Cincinnati. He placed second runner up at IML 2015, and used the platform to spread the message that the things that make us different are the things that make us special, and that we all have the power to make a positive change in the world around us, if we choose to. He is the Marketing Chairperson for Titans of the Midwest, a founding member of the CNKY Ruff Pups, and a member of Mr Friendly. He is a bondage switch, alpha pup, giant comic book nerd and aggressive hugger.  

DSC_7952A.JPGSir Steel started in the Columbus bar scene in the early 2000’s, exploring the Leather culture, BDSM and kink. He moved out of Ohio and into Michigan some years later. It was there that he began to fully explore the ins and outs of the Leather community, as well as learning skills in various types of BDSM play. Years later he returned to Columbus, and returned to the scene, thus being introduced to his current Leather family. These days he enjoys getting to attend local events and bar nights hosted by his friends and family, as well as helping out where and when he can. He takes pride in being a mentor, lover, Master, and Trainer for his girlfriend and sweet little girl, Pup Kaine. He has helped her to grow as a pup and sub, watching her take the title of Ohio Valley Puppy and move onto national competition level. Together, they are starting to organize events, meets, and instructional panels to help promote the puppy and trainer lifestyle. Working with her and others in the clubs, he hopes to bring out a more close knit and active community for pups and trainers, as well as the kink lifestyle in general. He is the 2017 Mr Midwest Olympus Leather and will be competing at International in May of 2018.

Vonn Tramel is a dominant sadist with a penchant for boots, fire, and well-performed “tasks” by good

ponies and pups by night. Vonn claims San Diego as her primary home and Atlanta her second home, but her heart is in both cities where one or the other of two partners live. Vonn has a special place in her big black leather heart

for other charitable adults. She is especially interested in submissives who are willing to trust in her ability to teach in unconventional ways. There should always be an interest in service to your community, and as a member of Pup’s Pack she does her best to keep in line with that philosophy.

Vonn is an active Leather woman who identifies as a queer low maintenance femme. She has judged several local and international events including LA Leather Bear and North American Pony & Trainer.

On February 29, 2016 she purchased the International Olympus Leather Title Circuit from Dave Rhodes. Miss Vonn is also The Leather Journal’s Webmaster and Executive Producer for all of it’s live broadcasts. She is *Mama’s Webn8rx* (Webinatrix) and spends her free time helping community business owners improve their website and internet presence.

More information to come once provided from participants.