Categories for the Midwest Mr, Ms, and Mx Olympus Leather Contest currently include: Interview, Fantasy, Fetish Image, Stage Presence and Speech.


The Interview will consist of a question/answer period with a panel of seven judges which may/may not include an alternate/eighth judge. The Interview will last approximately 15 minutes on the morning of the staged contest.


The Fantasy will be a staged erotic production of 5-7 minutes by each contestant.

This Fantasy does not have to be an SM fantasy, but must be descriptive of, or based on, at least one fetish.  (Please note: this time limit may change at the International level, and it is contestant's responsibility to adjust their performance accordingly should they win a Midwest Olympus Leather title.)

Overall Fetish Image

Fetish Image is how one demonstrates his/her concern for the entire Leather/SM/Fetish community, during the weekend. Fetish Image includes interactions with judges, other contestants, VIPs, and the general public during the contest weekend. This starts Friday when the contestants arrive and continues until the staged portion of the Midwest Mr, Ms, and Mx Olympus Leather Contest ends.

Stage Presence/Pop Questions

Stage Presence includes an appearance on stage where each contestant will be asked a question, serious and/or humorous, by the emcee(s). The questions will be created in advance by the contest judges and producers and will be drawn at random on stage during the contest by each contestant. Every effort will be made to ensure that the questions are equally relevant and thought provoking to provide a fair balance.


Each contestant will give a 2 minute speech during the Saturday night onstage part of the contest.  It can be an introduction (but should not be your Bio), an explanation of platform or a stance on something the contestant feels passionate about.


The Midwest Mr., Ms, and Mx Olympus Leather Contest will use Olympic Scoring with the highest and lowest scores not being counted. We will have a seven person judging panel. An alternate or eighth judge may be utilized should the need arise, but only 7 consistent sets of numbers will be counted for each contestant. Judges’ score cards will be collected and tallied at the end of each segment of the contest. A score of 70 percent of the total points available must be accrued to be eligible to win. The winners will be announced on stage at the end of the contest. In the event of a tie, the interview scores will be used to determine the winner. If a tie still remains, the Fetish Image will determine the winner. The third tie breaker will utilize the Fantasy scores.


The point values for each of the categories is thus:

Interview = 200 points possible

Fantasy = 100 points possible

Fetish Image = 100 points possible and

Stage Presence = 100 points possible.

Speech = 100 points possible

Maximum points of 600 per judge possible.

Updated: 9-20-2017