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(F3) Formula Three

Motorcycles must not exceed the following guidelines:
New rules for 2014 are in Red

  • Unlimited modification to suspension.
  • Unlimited modification to chassis.
  • Unlimited wheel size.
  • Unlimited modification to braking system.
  • Unlimited modifications to Exhaust with sufficient silencer.
  • Unlimited modifications to engine
  • Unlimited modifications to carburetor.
  • Engine displacement must not exceed 100cc air-cooled 4-Strokes(2-valve), 50cc liquid-cooled 2-strokes, 62cc air-cooled 2-strokes, 110cc Horizontal air-cooled 4-stroke(2-valve), and NO liquid-cooled 4-strokes.  +2cc maintenance overbores allowed
  • DRZ-125, KLX-125, TTR-125, CRF-125 allowed.  May change fluids, gearing, wheels, carburetor jets/needle, suspension. Must use Stock un-modified engine, exhaust, carburetor, electronics.
  • Honda GROM allowed.   May change fluids, gearing, wheels, suspension. May use an EFI "piggyback tuner" on stock throttle body, injector, and ECU.  Must use Stock un-modified engine, exhaust, throttle body, electronics.