2006 MOCNA Regional Lincoln, NE.

July 20th thru July 23rd   Back to Midwest Mets Home Page

Smith Collection Museum

Mahoney State Park SAC Museum

Tour 'D' Lincoln

Show 'N' Shine Dinner

Car show

Awards Banquet & Auction

Bernie's Memory Lane



This years event was packed with many fun and exciting things to do.  Friday consisted of a tour at the Smith Collection Museum, which displays the biggest pedal car collection in the world.  There was also a picnic at Mahoney State Park, along with a tour of the SAC Space Museum.  Friday also featured a Tour of Nebraska's capital, and an excellent car show & dinner at Culver's restrauant.  A total of 33 Nash Metropolitan's showed up at Culver's and pretty much took the show over.  Saturday morning was the Metropolitan car show which topped off at exactly 50 cars.  An excellent number for a regional.