Tom Stewart slides v2.pptx

Tom Stewart    

 Morning Keynote

Zach Wahl MKMC_MidwestKM2023.pdf

Zach Wahl  

 Afternoon Keynote

KM and Innovation Partnering Lavelle 6.16.23.pptx

Linda Lavelle

DeMay & Irvin Hauser - KM Symposium2023.pptx

Jessica DeMay and Heather Irvin Hauser

Track 1

M. Starkey Midwest KM Symposium Presentation.pptx

Maggie Starkey

Teague_KM Symposium 6.16.23.pptx

Rachel Teague

The Five Cs of Knowledge Management Stan Garfield.pptx

Stan Garfield

Young_16JUN23_Midwest KM Symposium.pptx

Cindy Young


Valdis Krebs 

Darrin Brogan Taxonomy at Chartis_MW KM Symposium_20230616.pptx

Darrin Brogan 

Track 2

2023 Midwest KM Symposium Jim Clarke.pptx

Jim Clarke

AI Ethics Impact on KM Anthony J. Rhem.pptx

Anthony J. Rhem 

Daniel Ranta - Transforming Existing Communities and Chasing Context - June 2023.pdf

Dan Ranta


Christina Turner, Kendra Albright, and Bill Edgar

To ISO or not to ISO long.pdf
Handout for To ISO or Not to ISO.pdf

Patricia Eng with Handout


John Antill Organizational Culture and AI.pptx
John Antill Culture and AI.docx

John Antill with handout

Rajesh S Dhillon Sustainable Knowledge for 9th KM Midwest sysmposium.pdf

Rajesh S Dhillon 

Midwest KM Symposium_Kramer_2023.pdf

Ari Kramer

Kaplan_KM Midwest Symposium_6.14.2023.pdf

Bill Kaplan