Lunch is not provided by the Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference.  
You may buy a ticket for lunch in the Loyola University cafeteria (pre-pay using PayPal below), conveniently located across the street from the main conference site.
Alternatively, you are welcome to walk to many of the area restaurants.  A list of suggestions (with web addresses) and map are provided below.  

Buy a lunch ticket for the cafeteria
Purchase before October 1, 2013.  The ticket will be included in your registration packet to be picked up the morning of the conference.  (Full map on "Venue" page.)

Restaurants within walking distance (0.2 to 1.1 miles away):

Restaurants Cuisine Address Distance
A.  Five Guys Burger 6477 N Sheridan Rd 0.2 mile
B.  63 Bar and Grill Bar & Grill 6341 N Broadway 0.2 mile
C.  Moody's Pub Irish Pub/Burger 5910 N Broadway St 0.6 mile
D.  Waterfront Café Sandwich/Salad 6219 N Sheridan Rd 0.5 mile
E.  bopNgrill Asian Fusion 6604 N Sheridan Rd 0.3 mile
F.  Nori Japanese/Thai 1235 W Devon Ave 0.3 mile
G.  Taqueria Susupuato Mexican 6161 N Broadway St 0.4 mile
H.  Ethiopian Diamond Ethiopian 6120 N Broadway St 0.5 mile
I.  Uncommon Ground American/Organic 401 W Devon Ave ‎ 0.3 mile
J.  m.henrietta breakfast/brunch 1133 W Granville Ave 0.3 mile
K.  Ann SatherSwedish 1147 W Granville Ave 0.3 mile
L.  Giordano’s  Pizza 6836 N Sheridan Rd 0.6 mile 
M.  Pete’s Pizza Pie Pizza 1100 W Granville Ave 0.3 mile 
N.  Pasteur Vietnamese French 5525 N Broadway St ‎ 1.1 mile
O.  Thai Grill and Noodle Bar Thai 1040 W Granville Ave ‎ 0.3 mile

Fast food within walking distance:  Jimmy John's, Popeye's, McDonald's, Subway and Chipotle