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Purdue Tops Pitt for Collegiate Honors

posted Nov 7, 2016, 6:03 PM by Midwest Hurling

The beautifully preened blades of grass at Civic Park in Reynoldsburg, OH hosted the 2016 Midwest Collegiate GAA Championship.  The central Ohio city served as the skirmish line between Purdue University and the University of Pittsburgh to see who would take home the Inter-Scholastic Cup, last seen 127 years ago.  Keith Knott, from Akron, bravely stepped forward to the middle of the field, whistle in hand. 

This past May, at the National Collegiate GAA Championship, Pitt soundly defeated Purdue in the 3rd place match.  The two clubs met again last month in Akron where Pitt replicated their victory. 

The two collegiate clubs are the strength of the region.  Pitt arrived in Reynoldsburg with a 16-player panel while Purdue made the trip with 19.  Both clubs were missing players, demonstrating the outstanding work they have been undertaking on their respective campuses. 

The pitch at Civic park was suitably cut, level, and lined.  The breeze was soft and the cloudless sky not only tanned the players and spectators but warmed the November day to a perfect playing temperature.  One could ask for nothing more in the lead up to the showcase of the Midwest collegiate calendar. 

From the throw-in, Purdue took charge and never really looked back.  Early scores came from Purdue’s midfield after dialing in on the posts.  Purdue was up 1-2 in a matter of minutes but Pitt answered with a goal of their own.  However, Pitt would not manage much more for the rest of the half.  Purdue was content to take their points in the first thirty minutes as Pitt backs collapsed to protest their net.  Pitt was able to drive several balls low into their full forwards but were returned with vigor. 

Pitt opened the second half quickly with a goal, while Purdue seemed to still be asleep.  But, the goal shocked Purdue back to life.  Throughout the entire half, only a handful of balls managed 

their way past Purdue’s midfield and half back lines.  Puckouts were broken and gathered or caught by Purdue and driven into space for their relentless forwards to pounce upon.  Pitt reorganized at the break but Purdue’s superior numbers meant timely changes with fresh legs always on the field.  The Pitt backs and keeper performed well under extraordinary pressure but many balls that left the Pitt backfield quickly found their way into open space for the Purdue forwards. 

The score line of this match holds absolutely no keys as to how it was actually played.  Each and every ball was contested as though the match hung in the balance.  Each and every player fought to the final whistle and displayed the courage that can only be found by those passionate about the sport and passionate about their club. 

Full time score, Purdue 7-8 to Pitt 3-1.  


posted Jun 8, 2016, 7:18 PM by Midwest Hurling

We've published a survey, it only takes two minutes to complete:

Purdue beats IU/Ball State in Season Opener

posted Mar 23, 2016, 11:14 PM by Midwest Hurling

March 5th saw the opening of the MCGAA season as a combined Indiana University (IU)/ Ball State University (BSU) travelled to West Lafayette, Indiana to take on Purdue.  With the snow having just melted, the ground was heavy but otherwise conditions were perfect for the pre-spring matchup.

The Purdue Hurling Club, the oldest collegiate club in the country, is experiencing a revival.  We were able to catch up with Luke Beebe, Purdue’s captain, before the match.  On being elected to the post by the rest of the panel (a Purdue tradition), Beebe feels “very humbled to be captain.  I try to push everyone to become better each practice and work with new members.”  He said of training sessions, “We’ve been getting good numbers at practice lately, which makes practicing more effective.  With larger playing numbers, we are able to do some game-play scenarios.”  Recruitment efforts have swelled the club’s ranks and their efforts were on display on the day.  Beebe said, “We have been recruiting a lot the past few weeks and have grown our numbers and talent to great levels.” 

From the throw in, Purdue looked to be in charge.  Midfielder Luke Moriguchi started the match in 5th gear and never slowed.  Any IU/BSU player near the middle of the pitch was met with the senior’s defensive tenacity.  With the midfield controlled, plenty of ball was delivered to the forwards.  Purdue played with the breeze in the first half and took advantage.  Corner forward Trevor DeVries displayed his power with two fine points from the right sideline.  IU/BSU dropped a midfielder into their half back line to assist on restarts.  Their efforts were rewarded as the ball dropped in front their forwards.  But, Purdue’s backs were resolute.  Chiefly Luke Beebe, Max Millan, and Joe Jackson stymied any attempt by the visitors at gaining momentum.  At the interval, Purdue led 3-6 to 0-1. 

The second half saw much of the same.  With the breeze at their backs, IU/BSU began mounting some attacks.  But Purdue’s Matt Mickelson and Diarmuid O’Keefe won the majority of balls and sent them back up the field.  IU/BSU gained possession on a number of dirty balls but, with a heavy and wet sliotar, failed to finish.  Overall, there was hustle coming from every corner of the pitch.  But, IU/BSU’s inexperience and unfamiliarity with each other succumbed to the largely veteran panel from Purdue.  Regardless of the 5-8 to 0-2 score at full time, it was an entertaining affair for the crowd that had gathered on a brisk, overcast Indiana day. 

According to Beebe, this match was the first step to the Midwest Championship and the National Tournament.  “We already have people who have committed to going to nationals.  I believe we have a chance to do really well in the Midwest and at Nationals this year.”

PURDUE: G. Reynhout; D. O’Keefe; M. Mickelson; J. Jackson; L. Beebe (C); L. Moriguchi; M. Schwertfeger (0-4); T. DeVries (0-2); Z. Urbanek (5-2, 2f); J. Stites; E. Osburn; B. Hunley; C. Brown; M. Millan; S. Gattman; J. Micon;

Expanding University Contacts

posted Jan 31, 2016, 2:39 AM by Midwest Hurling   [ updated Feb 3, 2016, 6:36 AM ]

Gaelic games are growing in the Midwest.  There is interest from a number of universities within the Midwest Collegiate area that are currently looking to increase the number of student players and leaders.  No experience in Hurling and Gaelic Football are necessary.  Participating in collegiate Gaelic Games is a great way to meet new people, learn a new sport, and have fun all while being active.  Opportunities to travel exist and there is no better way to see the Midwestern U.S.  Being a student leader is a unique resume builder that employers ask about, giving you the opportunity to explain your role, and Gaelic games.  Leadership positions only require a few minutes per week to ensure the club grows.  

Students from the following schools should contact the Midwest Collegiate GAA immediately,, if you are interested in playing Gaelic games or in being a student leader:

Iowa - Iowa State University; St. Ambrose University; Grinnell College

Illinois - University of Chicago; Illinois Institute of Technology; St. Xavier University; University of Illinois; Augustana University

Indiana - Wabash College; St. Joseph's College; Franklin College

Kentucky - Northern Kentucky University

Michigan - Michigan State University; University of Michigan; Lawrence Technological University

Minnesota - University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Missouri - St. Louis University; Rockhurst University

North Dakota - North Dakota State University

Nebraska - University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Ohio - University of Akron; The Ohio State University; Franciscan University of Steubenville

Pennsylvania - Chatham University; Carlow University; Penn State University

South Dakota - University of South Dakota

Tennessee - University of Memphis

Wisconsin - St. Norbert College; University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

These 26 schools join the already established clubs at Ball State (IN); Belmont (TN); Indiana University (IN); Middle Tennessee State (TN); Purdue (IN); University of Michigan, Dearborn (MI); Notre Dame (IN); University of Pittsburgh (PA).  

If you are interested in playing Gaelic games at your university, and your school is not listed, get in touch the MCGAA immediately,, and we will help you get a club at your university.  It takes only a few minutes a week is a great resume builder and a unique legacy to leave after you graduate.  

The MCGAA is a 501c3 non-profit corporation and volunteer run organization that helps students start and maintain Gaelic games clubs on college and university campuses. 


Iowa State University

St. Ambrose University

Grinnell College


University of Chicago

Illinois Institute of Technology

St. Xavier University

Augustana College

University of Illinois


Wabash College

St. Joseph’s College


Northern Kentucky University


Michigan State University

University of Michigan

Lawrence Technological University


University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


St. Louis University

Rockhurst University


University of Nebraska, Lincoln

North Dakota

North Dakota State University


University of Akron

Ohio State University

Franciscan University of Steubenville


Chatham University

Carlow University

Penn State University

South Dakota

University of South Dakota


University of Memphis


St. Norbert College

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


2016: A banner year for the MCGAA

posted Jan 1, 2016, 6:51 PM by Midwest Hurling   [ updated Jan 1, 2016, 6:52 PM ]

2016 will be a banner year!  The MCGAA is embarking on a series of fundraisers in select cities in the Midwest to support MCGAA's development efforts, our clubs, and laying the foundation for a scholarship fund.  

"It's an ambitious plan", says Matt Schwertfeger, newly appointed volunteer development officer, "but one that is necessary to bring collegiate Gaelic games to the next level."  The MCGAA has seen steady growth and a torrent of interest over the past few years.  "The interest from college students has been overwhelming for our volunteers, which allowed some clubs to fold or never get off the ground," Matt said.  "Our current fundraising efforts will allow the MCGAA to ensure that all interested college students will have the opportunity to enjoy Gaelic games and reap the personal and professional development that accompanies student club leadership."  

The first fundraising luncheon will be held at Purdue University's Memorial Union on January 30, 2016 at 11am.  West Lafayette Mayor, John Dennis, will be the guest speaker.  Prior to becoming the city's chief executive, Mayor Dennis spent a couple years living in Ireland and has a unique understanding of the importance of international aspects in leadership.  Tickets are $55 and can be purchased on the MCGAA website via PayPal (a PayPal account is not necessary for purchase).  RSVP by January 22.

2016 will be a bright year for collegiate Gaelic games development.  Matt stresses, "Alumni and those who want to see Gaelic games succeed in the U.S. will play a vital role in this success."  Those not able to attend are encouraged to consider a small gift to the MCGAA.  Donations can be made in any denominations and even in recurring monthly installments through the Midwest Collegiate GAA website via PayPal.

Indiana University Invitational (A Recapitulation)

posted Sep 25, 2014, 7:56 AM by Midwest Hurling   [ updated Sep 25, 2014, 7:57 AM ]

It was a clear, brisk morning in Bloomington, Indiana. Two teams, Purdue University and the University of Pittsburgh, descended upon the town like a murder of crows with the intent of living up to their image.
The first match was set between Indiana University and Purdue University. The throw-in was scheduled for 10:30 and, in true Irish fashion, it started at 11. IU and Purdue both came into the game with many new faces with IU's young blood winning out in the first half, going into the break up two goals. Purdue's fresh fire-power shot back in the second half shrinking the lead to 1 point, but youth  failed to capitalize on their momentum, losing the game 2-3 to 2-6 on the end of 40 minutes.

The next game was 15 minutes later and saw Indiana University pitted (yep, did that) up against the University of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh took the game by the sliotar and showed exactly why they were the shields champions this last May. Many of there best players returned from last year and, being led by James and Alex, they put on a college hurling clinic. There was no stopping the Big, Bad, Blue Panthers as they placed themselves as the team to beat this year with a 0-7 to 5-16 victory over IU.

The third game was following another 20 minute break and saw Pittsburgh squaring off against Purdue University. This match saw an exciting first half that the score doesn't truly reflect. Although Purdue went down 0-2 to 2-3, they simply missed capitalizing on a multitude of scoring opportunities. Pittsburgh, with their cool, calm, polished hurling demeanor took advantage of this and made the most of their scoring. The only thing more impressive from them was their second half, ultimately winning the game 1-7 to 8-6.

After the game, the IU and the Purdue teams traveled to the Runciple Spoon for afters. The Pittsburgh team left to travel home, it's quite a drive, but made their way there for pre-game pancakes. 

So here's to a great day of hurling, and the beginning of the College Hurling Mecca of America, the Midwestern United States.
To see another summary of the day, click here. This was an article that appeared in the Indiana Daily Student, the IU student newspaper, the following Monday as the front page of the Sports section.

2015 Nationals Location Announced!

posted Aug 20, 2014, 8:52 PM by Midwest Hurling

The meeting was had, the votes were tallied, and the proverbial gavel struck the proverbial...wooden square thing. The 2015 NCGAA Hurling National Championship will be held in
...*Drum Roll*...
Yes! Montana!
The University of Montana Grizzlies, who are the defending national champions, will be hosting next year's hurling championships. They have already reserved space at Grizzly Stadium...yeah, where the football team plays :D...and suggested a crowd of up to 1000 people! Holy Hurls, Batman...yes sir!
As for more serious...psshh...information.
When: Saturday May 23 - Sunday May 24.
Where: University of Montana, Missoula, MT!
Backdrop: Mountains!
Hotels: There are multiple hotels within a miles walk of the stadium ranging from fancy comfort and amenities to "bed like a board" stays. You'll find what your budget in Missoula!
Ways to Get There: The most cost effective way is still to be determined. Frontier airlines fly's there from Denver, driving is a great option, or flying to Spokan, WA and renting a car is a good way as well. I'll ponder about that one.
All in all, make a week long camping, road trip, adventure of it. Stop by Yellowstone on the way out. Grab some brews in that worth it?..on the way back. Just remember to avoid Kansas at all costs! 
Just so you know, a Midwest team has won nationals 2 of the four years that we have played the tournament. Indiana University won in 2011 and Purdue University won in 2013. To boot, Pittsburgh claimed the shield Championship last year. We have a reputation to keep, on of dominance! That being said, I hope you all have a wonderful year and I look forward to bringing the cup back to the Midwest.

Hurling 2014!!!

posted Aug 20, 2014, 8:22 PM by Midwest Hurling   [ updated Aug 20, 2014, 8:23 PM ]

Greetings Hurling Fans!
In case you missed it, the Midwest is the Mecca for collegiate hurling in the United States. Of the fourteen fully established collegiate hurling clubs in the States, we serve over six of them, and are hoping to expand to ten within the next couple of years. 
About 15 minutes ago, we published the Fall schedule for matches. You can admire it by following the Schedule link on the left of this page. We have a slightly new format this year with matches. The MCGAA schedules games for the Fall only and hosts the MCGAA Tournament in a fairly centralized location in early November. This is to give all Midwestern teams the opportunity to raise funds for the entire spring semester, and avoid the costs of traveling to regional matches, and better prepare them to attend the NCGAA National Championship.
In Closing, remember to attend any and all matches for which you are near and support your local Gaelic games and community. This should be a great semester for hurling in the Midwest and, hopefully an even better year for Gaelic games in the United States.

Nationals Video!

posted Jun 30, 2014, 9:43 AM by Midwest Hurling

Nationals 2014

Nationals Schedule Finalized...Mostly!

posted May 22, 2014, 11:28 AM by Midwest Hurling

Hello Friends and Gentle Hearts,
To any and all of those travelling to New York, or in or around the area already, National Tournament schedule has been finalized. Now there was one team who requested a minor shift in the start time of one football game, but it's the last football game on Saturday night, so the change would do little to your viewing experience. 
So, without further ado...*Drum Roll*...
I have written more Below :D
Game #TimeFieldDayTeam 1Team 2Round
19:00Paddys FieldSaturdayIndiana UniversityUConnHurling Group
29:40Paddys FieldSaturdayKean/ IonaMontanaHurling Group
310:20Paddys FieldSaturdayIndiana UniversityPittsburghHurling Group
411:00Paddys FieldSaturdayKean/ IonaSt Thomas AquinasHurling Group
511:40Paddys FieldSaturdayCal UniversityUConnHurling Group
612:20Paddys FieldSaturdaySt Thomas AquinasMontanaHurling Group
71:00Paddys FieldSaturdayIndiana UniversityCal UniversityHurling Group
81:40Paddys FieldSaturdayPittsburghKean/ IonaHurling Group
92:20Paddys FieldSaturdayUConnSt Thomas AquinasHurling Group
103:00Paddys FieldSaturdayCal UniversityMontanaHurling Group
113:40Paddys FieldSaturdayIndiana UniversityKean/ IonaHurling Group
124:20Paddys FieldSaturdaySt Thomas AquinasPittsburghHurling Group
135:00Paddys FieldSaturdayMontanaUConnHurling Group
145:40Paddys FieldSaturdayPittsburghCal UniversityHurling Group
A5:00Gaelic ParkSaturdayManhattan CollegeFordham UniversityFootball Group
B5:00Gaelic ParkSaturdayIona CollegeSt JoesphsFootball Group
C5:45Gaelic ParkSaturdayBoston CollegeIona CollegeFootball Group
D5:45Gaelic ParkSaturdaySt JoesphsManhattan CollegeFootball Group
E6:30Gaelic ParkSaturdaySt JoesphsFordham UniversityFootball Group
F6:30Gaelic ParkSaturdayBoston CollegeManhattan CollegeFootball Group
159:00Gaelic ParkSundayKean/ IonaUConnHurling Group
169:00Paddys FieldSundayPittsburghMontanaHurling Group
179:40Paddys FieldSundaySt Thomas AquinasIndiana UniversityHurling Group
189:40Gaelic ParkSundayCal UniversityKean/ IonaHurling Group
1910:20Paddys FieldSundaySt Thomas AquinasCal UniversityHurling Group
2010:20Gaelic ParkSundayUConnPittsburghHurling Group
2111:00Paddys FieldSundayMontanaIndiana UniversityHurling Group
G11:00Gaelic ParkSundayManhattan CollegeIona CollegeFootball Group
H11:00Gaelic ParkSundayFordham UniversityBoston CollegeFootball Group
I11:30Gaelic ParkSundayBoston CollegeSt JoesphsFootball Group
J11:30Gaelic ParkSundayIona CollegeFordham UniversityFootball Group
Playoff12:00Gaelic ParkSunday1st Place Hurling4th Place HurlingHurling S/F
Playoff12:40Gaelic ParkSunday6th Place Hurling7th Place HurlingShield Playoff
Playoff1:20Gaelic ParkSunday2nd Place Hurling3rd Place HurlingHurling S/F
Playoff2:00Gaelic ParkSunday1st Place Team4th Place TeamFootball S/F
Playoff2:00Gaelic ParkSunday3rd Place Team2nd Place TeamFootball S/F
Playoff2:30Gaelic ParkSunday5th Place HurlingWinner Shield PlayoffH Shield Final
Playoff3:10Gaelic ParkSundayWinner Semi Final 1Winner Semi Final 2Football Final
Playoff4:00Gaelic ParkSundayWinner Semi Final 1Winner Semi Final 2Hurling Final
As you may have noticed, there will be 7 hurling teams and, for the first time, 5 football teams. If you're keeping track, that's a 400% increase from number of teams last year. Shall I say it...yes...we're GROWING EXPONENTIALLY! At our current rate of growth, well be bigger than Ireland in...a decade? In all reality, give us a couple decades and perhaps you'll be able to watch us on ESPN. Dream big or don't go to sleep, that's what I said once.
Admission is $5 per day and includes access to both fields. 
Happy Hurling and Fantastic Footballing!

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