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Checklist for Beginning of Each Semester
Club Essentials
Club Development
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At the Beginning of Each Semester
  • Select a Date, Time, Location for Recruitment Meeting/First team meeting
    • Example:  Wednesday January 7th, 7pm Recruitment; 6:30pm Team Meeting
  • Advertise the Recruitment Meeting – approximately a week before, advertise heavily
    • Ads in School Paper – possible discounts for students/staff
    • Hand out Flyers – and hit around on campus if weather permitting
    • Hang Flyers/Posters – gymnasiums; weight rooms; cafeterias; coffee shops; libraries; study areas; kiosks; anywhere students travel or congregate
    • Website/Social Media
    • Word of Mouth
  • At Recruitment Meeting:
    • Act as an officer of the club
    • Describe the club and the sport in the best possible light
    • Make sure to describe the sport in detail – Hurling is “awesome” but that word has no meaning to someone who has never seen the sport
    • Have a video play, but not while you talk
    • You can have a short session about how to play if facilities permit

Club Essentials

  • Club Constitution - your school may mandate certain parts of the constitution
  • An Annual General Meeting - a meeting where you start the year and hold elections
  • Capable Officers and Leaders - Each person needs to be there because they want to see the club succeed on and off the field
  • Adequate Finances - Hurling costs money, this is where club dues, fundraising and sponsorship come into play.  Proper records and accountability are a must.


They are a necessary part of any organization.  It is best to have a relatively detailed agenda distributed to the attendees prior to the meeting so everyone can come with their comments and the meeting can proceed with some expediency.  Priority matters should be dealt with first and the remainder of the matters should be in order of importance.  During the meetings, minutes should be taken by the secretary and distributed to each member after the meeting is over and before the next meeting is held.  At the Annual General Meeting, each officer should present an annual report, stating where the club started the year, where it finished and how it got there.


They are a good way to split up work to focus on one aspect of the club's activities.  They are also handy to get others involved.  Examples of Sub-Committees are: Fixtures and Transport; Coaching and Games Development; Social and Cultural; Communications; Fundraising; Development; Finance; Membership and Registration.


Not only is it necessary to attract new members, it is also vital to keep existing members.  Internal communications: members and players.  External communications: local press; county Public Relations Officer; internet; other media.

Club Officers

Your school may have mandates positions.  Recommended positions include: President/Chairperson; Vice-President/Vice-Chairperson; Secretary, Treasurer; Public Relations Officer.  Other positions include: Assistant Treasurer; Development Officer; Registrar; Social Officer.

Roles of the Officers - These roles can be customized to fit your needs, but here are the general roles of the officers:

President/Chairperson - Run meetings; represent the club at various functions; act on behalf of the club between meetings; strive to continuously improve the club

Vice-President/Vice-Chairperson - Performs the same functions of the President/Chairperson in his/her absence, generally chairs sub committees.  Should be seen as a President/Chairperson in waiting.

Secretary - Keep meeting minutes; keep records of club activities; submit official correspondence

Treasurer - maintain records on financial account balances; lodge all income and expenditures and recent receipts as necessary

Public Relations Officer - Communication with the general public on behalf of the club

Club Development

Each Club will need facilities, equipment, members and money.


You'll need a place to practice.  Your school may have space set aside for recognized student organizations on campus.  However, if they do not, any park or open green space will do.


Because of teh availability of hurls in the U.S., when you get hurls, take care of them.  There are many theories on the proper care of hurls.  The link below has some good information

There are several places to order hurls online as well as a access to hurley makers' phone numbers.  There are some forums online with comments on different hurley makers. and  The MCHA has reached a deal with P. O’Kane Hurls and The American Hurling Company for a discounted rate for MCHA members. - this is a list of makers from the Irish Guild of Ash Hurley Makers


This sounds a lot worse than it really is.  First, type up a letter of introduction explaining about he club and what you are trying to do.  Next go to your local Irish pub, local bar, restaurant, relative's busines, butchery, or any business for that matter.  Hurling is an Irish sport, but the local butcher's money is just as good as the banker's.  This next part is key. You're not just asking for money, you're trying to come to a mutually beneficial agreement.  The company helps the club out with finances in return for publicity and patrons.  You have a service to sell: greater visibility in the community and a growing organization who will now become patrons on a (somewhat) regular basis.  It is a win/win for both your sponsors and your club.



Please email our webmaster with any recruiting events or ideas that have worked for you club in past.  Recruiting is all about exposure.  Get footage of the sport in front of as many people as possible and get your friends to try it.

If you have a recruiting event or idea that is not listed Please Email us at

·       Word of mouth

·       Freshman Orientation Activities Fair

·       Hitting around on campus

·       Handing our flyers on campus

·       Using the school sponsored Electronic Message Board

·       Taking out an ad with the campus television system

·       Appearing on Campus Radio Stations

·       Taking out an ad with the student newspaper

·       Holding a Call-Out Meeting on campus - free food works as well

·       Take a hurl to class

·       Wear the club jersey to class

·       Event for the All-Ireland Final


Each club is highly encouraged to have at least two (2) club members who have successfully passed the Foundation Level coaching course.  These courses will be offered at various time and locations throughout the Midwest.  Check here for times and Locations.  If you would like to attend or host a course please let the MCHA Secretary know via email. 

Online Coaching Resources




Nutrition/Fitness/Well Being

Club Administration