Current Teams

The MWBA currently has 14 teams, divided into two seven-team divisions.  The teams and owners are as follows:

American League
  • Fairview Flyers (owner Steve Kenemer)
  • Flint Freighters (owner Scott Baumgartner)
  • Muskegon Lake Sharks (owner Mark Stowe)
  • Orlando Tiggers (owner Paul Glasier)
  • Pinckney Pirates (owners Mike and Geoff Kontz)
  • Portage Guerrillas (owner Rick Hakken)
  • Western Wildcars (owner Dennis VanHaitsma)

National League
  • Bismarck Barons (owner Jack Thompson)
  • Drenthe Drillers (owner Fred Louis)
  • Palatine Peanuts (owner Chris Mack)
  • Rogue River Steelheads (owner Matt Stowe)
  • Roosevelt Roughriders (owner Jon Voss)
  • South Side Monarchs (owner Jed Mulder)
  • Warsaw Busted Ducks (owner Gary Scacco)

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History of the MWBA

In 1973, the Midwest Baseball Association was conceived based upon the premise that "it would be fun".  The intent of the league was to amass a group of people who loved the game of baseball, enjoyed the statistical aspects of the game, and would like to imagine themselves as owners and managers of their own major league team.  The league was then composed of selected players through drafting and trading by the respective team owners.

The idea was never to simply replay the major league season, but rather to replicate the reality of the major leagues in a board game format (Strat-O-Matic) to the best of our ability, while making the game enjoyable by all.  Owners are not only expected to participate by playing their home games and maintaining complete statistics, but also by scouting, negotiating trades, and providing specific instructions to opposing owners for away games. 

The MWBA has seen many changes to the Strat-O-Matic game format over our long twenty-five year history.  Because of the advent of computer play, many of the rule changes have made the game more complicated for the gaming purist that still wishes to play using the board game.  The strength of the MWBA has been a commitment first and foremost to be fair to all participants, and to not sacrifice the enjoyment of the game for time-consuming rule changes that may not increase the reality aspect of the game.  This balance is a delicate one.  However, the MWBA has succeeded over the last thirty years because of the commitment and communication of the owners.

MWBA Rulebook

See the link at the bottom of this page for a copy of the rulebook.

MWBA Ownership of Teams

The following is an alphabetical listing of the more than 50 teams that have been a part of the MWBA throughout its history:

Arlington Cardinals
Jack Thompson
Jack also owned Bismarck, Glenview and Glen Ellyn
Baldwin Red Raiders
Harlan DeJong
 1999 - 2001
Harlan also owned Beaverdam, Iowa, Rural Route and Rock Valley
Beaverdam Bullies
Fred Louis
Fred also owned Drenthe
Beaverdam Yanks
Harlan DeJong
1990 - 1992
Harlan also owned Baldwin, Iowa, Rural Route and Rock Valley
Blain ?????'s
Mark Wierda
 1987 - 1989
Bismarck Barons
Jack Thompson
 2013 - present
6th Jack also owned Arlington, Glenview and Glen Ellyn
Borculo Bombers
Jack Pikaart
1976 - 1985
 Jack also owned Lakeshore
Boston Mariners
Paul Glasier
 1985 - 1987
 Paul also owned Canton, Wyoming, Grand Valley, Mackinaw and Orlando
Brookeside Bandits
 Mike Swesey
 1995 - 2003
Butte Wipers
Brad Furst
 1973 6th
Cadillac ?????'s
Don Miller
1973 - 1976
Canton Bulldogs
Paul Glasier
1992 - 2003
 Champs Paul also owned Grand Valley, Wyoming, Boston, Mackinaw  and Orlando
Chicago Colts
 Gary Scacco
 2009 - 2012
Gary also owned Warsaw
Cityside Foxbats
Jon Voss
2008 - 2012
Jon also owned the Roosevelt
Comstock Park Panthers
Mark Stowe
1994 - present
Mark also owned Muskegon
Delavan Cubs
Sam Hamstra
1981 - 1983
Drenthe Drillers
Fred Louis
1986 - present
Fred also owned Beaverdam
East Westchester North Stars
Gary Brouwer
Egypt Valley Mummies
Dave Muilenberg
 1992 - 1998
Dave also owned Plainfield
Emerald City Epics
Scott Peterson    
 2012 7th 
Fairview Flyers
Steve Kenemer
1992 - present
Flint Blue Devils
Bryan Baker
1973 - 1984
Flint Freighters
Scott  Baumgartner
2010 - present
Glen Ellyn Lakers
Jack Thompson
1992 - 1995
 2nd The Lakers left the league and returned.  Jack also owned Arlington, Bismarck and Glenview.
Glen Ellyn Lakers
Jack Thompson
2004 - 2009
The Lakers left the league and returned.  Jack also owned Arlington, Bismarck and Glenview.
Glenview Huskies
Jack Thompson
Jack also owner Arlington, Bismarck and both Glen Ellyn franchises
Grand Rapids Guerillas
Rick Hakken
1985 - 1989
Rick also owned Mid-Michigan
Grand Valley Mariners
Paul Glasier
1980 - 1984
Paul also owned Canton, Wyoming, Boston and Mackinaw
Grandville Hawks
 Dave Guy
 1973 - 1981
Dave also owned Hollywood
Grandville Jays
Allan Briggs
1987 - 1989
Green Valley Gamblers
Denny Ballard
2001 - 2003
Hamburg Hornets
Mike Kontz
1999 - 2000
Mike also owned Pinckney
Holland Hurricanes
Rick VanHaitsma
1973 - 1987
Rick also owned Mason County
Hollywood Hawks
Dave Guy
1982 - 1991
Dave also owned Grandville
Houston Pilgrims
Steve Kramer
1990  - -1991
Steve also owned Siouxland
Iowa Hawks
Harlan DeJong
1993 - 1994
Harlan also owned Baldwin, Beaverdam, Rural Route and Rock Valley
Jefferson Street Monarchs
Jed Mulder
1995 - 1999
Jed also owned Taft Street, Maple Street and South Side
Jenison Jays
Tom Zolman
1978 - 1986
Kooperstown Cobras
 Dennis VanHaitsma
2012 - 2014
 7thDennis was also the long-time owner of the Western Wildcats
Lakeshore Tide
Jack Pikaart
1986 - 1991
Jack also owned Borculo
Lemont Highlanders
Brad Vanderberg

Mackinaw Bridgers
 Paul Glasier  2004 - 2015  1st  Paul also owned Canton, Grand Valley, Wyoming, Boston and Orlando
Maple Street Monarchs
Jed Mulder
1992 - 1994
Jed also owned Taft Street, Jefferson Street and South Side
Mason County Liners
Rick VanHaitsma
1988 - 2007
Rick also owned Holland
Mid-Michigan Guerillas
Rick Hakken
1990 - 2012
Rick also owned Grand Rapids and Portage
Milwaukee Braves
Ron VanBerkum
Ron also owned both North English franchises
Mississippi ?????'s
Dave Ragains
Muskegon Lake Sharks
Mark Stowe
2012 - present
Mark also owned Comstock Park
New York Knights
 Bob Vanderberg
Bob also owned Oak Park
North English Fighting Amish
 Ron VanBerkum
 1996 - 2003
 1st North English left the league and returned.  Ron also owned Milwaukee.
North English Fighting Amish
 Ron VanBerkum
2008 - 2015
North English left the league and returned.  Ron also owned Milwaukee.
Northern Nailers
Tommy DeVries
1992 - 1993
Tommy also owned Thirty-Fourth Street
Oak Park Huskies
Bob Vanderberg
1977 - 1994 (not 1989)
Oak Park left the league and returned.  Bob also owned  New York
Oak Park Huskies
Bob Vanderberg
2000 - 2007
Oak Park left the league and returned.  Bob also owned New York
Orlando Tiggers

 Paul Glasier

 2016 - present


Paul also owned Canton, Grand Valley, Wyoming, Boston and Mackinaw
Ottawa Indians
Matt Guy
1974 - 1980
Palatine Peanuts
Chris Mack
2005 - present
Pinckney Pirates
Mike and Geoff Kontz
2008 - present
Mike also owned Hamburg
Plainfield Falcons
Dave Muilenberg
1987 - 1990
Dave also owned Egypt Valley
Portage Gorillas
 Rick Hakken
 2013 - present
 4thRick also owned Grand Rapids and Mid-Michigan
Rock Valley Red Raiders
Harlan DeJong
1995 - 1998
Harlan also owned Baldwin, Beaverdam, Rural Route and Iowa
Rogue River Steelheads  

 Matt Stowe

 2016 - present


Roosevelt Roughriders
 Jon Voss
 2013 - present
1stJon also owned the Cityside
Rural Route Red Raiders
Harlan DeJong
2002 - 2003
Harlan also owned Baldwin, Beaverdam, Ioaw and Rock Valley
Saugatuck ?????'s
Dave Mersman
Siouxland Royals
Steve Kramer
1986 - 1989
Steve also owned Houston
Skokie ?????'s
 Rick Shapiro
 1973 - 1974
South Side Monarchs
Jed Mulder
1995 - present
Jed also owned Taft Street, Jefferson Street and Maple Street
St. Louis Browns
Neil Hohlfeld
 1978 - 1979
Taft Street Torpedos
Jed Mulder
 1990 - 1991
Jed also owned Jefferson Street, Maple Street and South Side
Thirty-Fourth Street Zephyrs
Tommy DeVries
2004 - 2008
Tommy also owned Northern
Warsaw Busted Ducks Gary Scacco2013 - present2nd
Gary also owned Chicago
Western WildcatsDennis VanHaitsma1973 - 2004, and 2015 - presentChampsDennis also owned Kooperstown Cobras
Wyoming Mariners Paul Glasier1988 - 1991Champs 
Paul also owned Canton, Grand Valley, Boston and Mackinaw
Zeeland Zonkers Tom Davelaar 1973 - 1985 Champs 

MWBA History of Champions

The following is the history of champions in the 36 years the MWBA has been in existence:

1973 -- Skokie ?????'s (Rick Shapiro)
1974 -- Western Wildcats (Dennis VanHaitsma)
1975 -- Holland Hurricanes (Rick VanHaitsma)

1976 -- Holland Hurricanes (Rick VanHaitsma)
1977 -- Holland Hurricanes (Rick VanHaitsma)
1978 -- Zeeland Zonkers (Tom Davelaar)
1979 -- Zeeland Zonkers (Tom Davelaar)
1980 -- Zeeland Zonkers (Tom Davelaar)

1981 -- Zeeland Zonkers (Tom Davelaar)
1982 -- Zeeland Zonkers (Tom Davelaar)
1983 -- Holland Hurricanes (Rick VanHaitsma)
1984 -- Borculo Bombers (Jack Pikaart)
1985 -- Western Wildcats (Dennis VanHaitsma)

1986 -- Boston Mariners (Paul Glasier)
1987 -- Hollywood Hawks (Dave Guy)
1988 -- Grand Rapids Guerillas (Rick Hakken)
1989 -- Western Wildcats (Dennis VanHaitsma)
1990 -- Wyoming Mariners (Paul Glasier)

1991 -- Mid-Michigan Guerillas (Rick Hakken)
1992 -- Beaverdam Yanks (Harlan DeJong)
1993 -- Iowa Hawks (Harlan DeJong)
1994 -- Maple Street Monarchs (Jed Mulder)
1995 -- Canton Bulldogs (Paul Glasier)

1996 -- Western Wildcats (Dennis VanHaitsma)
1997 -- Comstock Park Panthers (Mark Stowe)
1998 -- Jefferson Street (Jed Mulder)
1999 -- Comstock Park Panthers (Mark Stowe)
2000 -- Comstock Park Panthers (Mark Stowe)

2001 -- Mason County Liners (Rick VanHaitsma)
2002 -- Comstock Park Panthers (Mark Stowe)
2003 -- Mid-Michigan Guerillas (Rick Hakken)
2004 -- South Side Monarchs (Jed Mulder)
2005 -- Mid-Michigan (Rick Hakken)

2006 -- South Side Monarchs (Jed Mulder)
2007 -- Oak Park Huskies (Bob Vanderberg)
2008 -- Mid-Michigan Guerillas (Rick Hakken)
2009 -- Comstock Park Panthers (Mark Stowe)
2010 --  Chicago Colts (Gary Scacco)

2011 -- Chicago Colts (Gary Scacco)
2012 -- Chicago Colts (Gary Scacco)
2013 -- South Side Monarchs (Jed Mulder)
2014 -- Pinckney Pirates (Geoff and Mike Kontz)
2015 -- Fairview Flyers (Steve Kenemer)

MWBA Commissioners

As best as we can recall, here is the recent history of the MWBA Commissioners:

2016 -- Steve Kenemer

2015 -- Rick Hakken
2014 -- Scott Baungartner
2013 -- Gary Scacco
2012 -- Jon Voss
2011 -- Fred Louis

2010 -- Mark Stowe
2009 -- Chris Mack
2008 -- Jed Mulder
2007 -- Mark Stowe
2006 -- Steve Kenemer

2005 -- Jed Mulder
2004 -- Mark Stowe
2003 -- Paul Glasier
2002 -- Jack Thompson
2001 -- Rick Hakken (?)

2000 -- Jed Mulder
1999 -- Mark Stowe
1998 -- Dennis VanHaitsma

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