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A new page has been added for a list of videos that have been shared by other aviation enthusists.  Several new videos have been added.  The lastest ones are from Gary Cunningham, Randy Pace, and Jim Van Loo.
The 2015 airshow schedule has been updated.  If your favorite Midwest airshow isn't listed, please let me know.  The Salute to Veterans Airshow at Columbia, MO wil be the first show of the season on Memorial Day.  The Canadian Snowbirds Jet Team and the Golden Knights are the featured performers.  The Cameron, MO Airshow date has moved to June 27-28, 2015.  The Kansas City Aviation Expo will be hosting the Blue Angels this year on August 22-23, 2015.  Whiteman AFB will be hosting the Thunderbirds on June 13-14, 2015.  The JET TEAMS are back.  This year you can see the Canadian Snowbirds, the Blue Angels, and the Thunderbirds, all within a two hour drive of Kansas City.  It's going to be a great year.
Current issue:  2014 Cameron, MO Airshow


Kyle Franklin at the Cameron, MO Airshow 2014

For more photos click on:  Cameron Airshow 2014 

The Cameron, MO airshow is a young show.  2014 was only its fourth year, but it is already one of the top shows in the Midwest. Fortunately in the Midwest all of our shows are great and Cameron is certainly no exception.  It is only a short drive North on I-35 from Kansas City and well worth it, guaranteed.  The 2015 show will be June 27-28, 2015.  There are 6 shows close to Kansas City this year and this is one of the closest. Only the Kansas City show which will be held August 22-23, 2015 will be closer for people living in the KC area.  If you are vacationing in another state and want to coincide with a show let me know as I have the info on all of the ICAS show schedules for the country and overseas too.

The 2014 show had several nationally known airshow performers including Matt Younkin, Skip Stuart, the Aeroshell Team, Kyle Franklin, the Red Stars, the jet powered truck Shockwave, and several other aerobatic performers so there was a lot to see.  When is the last time you saw a T-33?  The T-33, Acemaker, put on a performance showing the T-33's abilities.  One of the interesting items on display was a Ford GT, a 500 HP, 185 mph, $100,000 Hot Rod, red, of course, that can do 0 to 60 in 4 seconds.  Umm, kind of beats my go cart. The GT was displayed by Crossley Ford of Kansas City, one of the show's major sponsors.  There is a ping pong ball drop for the kids which is always a favorite.  They get to turn in the PP balls that they find for candy.  You don't want to get in the road when the kids take off for the drop area after the balls are dropped.  Lots of smiles and giggles here.  In addition to the airshow there were nightly performances by a rock band on Friday night and on Saturday night by Aaron Tippin, a well know country singer.  This show will keep you entertained all day and well into the night.

Matt Younkin put on his usual stellar performance in the Beech 18.  Even after all the times I have seen him fly, it is still hard to imagine him being able to make the Beech do what he does with it.  Good thing he flies it in airshows as he might have a hard time getting passengers if he flew it like that for a short haul carrier:).  Love to watch him fly.  Skip Stuart, Kyle Franklin, the Aeroshell Team, what can you say about them other than if these guys are at a show along with Matt Younkin, you know it is going to be a good one.  And this was only a small part of the line up.  There was a lot more, lots more.

Skip Stuart added a new routine this year, Team Motor Cross, a motor cross rider jumping his bike over Skip as he does a 45 degree knife edge down the runway with his wingtip only a foot or two off the runway and Skip flies that bipe like it is on rails.  Team Motor Cross even got a review on Avweb.com, an Internet aviation news site. Skip also does a 45 degree knife edge down the runway at 90 mph while the motor cross rider pulls up alongside and grabs the wingtip. Then there is the race down the runway with the Ford Crew Cab truck driven by Lee Crouch with Skip doing 90 mph plus.  Guess who wins???   Not to be outdone there is the race between Skip and the Shockwave jet truck with a lot of harassing going on by Skip and Kyle just to antagonize
Shockwave.  Skip's ribbon cutting is also a lot of fun to watch and a challenge to photograph.  And when Kyle Franklin joins up to do a dual with Skip, get ready for some great flying.  Their knife edge head on passes are unreal.  I have only seen one other team that can match their knife edge passes.  Kyle Franklin introduced his new aerobatic biplane at Cameron.  It is a spectacular performer with a monster engine.  Of course Kyle helps. It even blows smoke rings. His inverted flat spins are something to watch.  One of my favorite shots for 2014 is of Kyle in his new mount flying below me and I'm on the ground, yes, really, and no, I was not on an elevated platform. You will have to come to Cameron next year to see how that was done.  Check out the featured photo at the top of the page. It is also #15 in the photo album.

Tarmac space is small compared to larger airports such as Kansas City so there is not as much on static display. However, there are still plenty of airplanes to look at.  Any given year you will see Stearman PT-17s, AT-6s, L-39s, and occasionally a B-25 scattered among the Pitts Specials and other aerobatic types.  There were over eleven performances alone this year flying different aircraft types.  Want a helicopter ride?  You can get one here. There are several vendors too of all types.  And don't worry you won't have to go hungry either. Lots of food vendors on hand to take care of that.  

For photos of the show click on this link:  2014 Cameron Airshow

Hope to see you at Cameron, MO June 27-28, 2015.  You won't be disappointed.

Feb 26, 2015
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