About Us

Welcome to Midwest Alternative Livestock Auction
We have been a trusted source for buyers and sellers with high quality
alternative livestock sales since 2004

Upcoming Sale Date:
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Midwest Alternative Livestock Auction 

Consignments are done:
- Prior to day of sale, by calling: 
    Ben Gerving (701-333-9251)
    Note- Listing are posted on our
    Face Book Page
- Consignments can also be
    brought the day of the sale.

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Usual Consigned Animals:
Miniature Horses
Miniature Donkeys
Miniature Cattle
Guinea Fowl

Consignments Accepted:
Friday (1 Day prior to Alternative Livestock Sales) 3:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.
Saturday (up to start of sale - 10:00 am cst)
or by calling Ben Gerving 701-333-9251

Out of State Consignors:
Must have necessary health certificates completed including equine coggins and general inspections prior to entering North Dakota.  Animals without necessary paperwork will be turned away.

All papered consignments must have papers present at sale or will be sold as grade.


All cages must be humanely constructed with solid bottoms for rabbits (No Cardboard Boxes) will be accepted).   All cages must come with food and water and will be sold with the animals.  Animals must have necessary Permits and health records where required.

Miscellaneous items:
All miscellaneous items need prior approval, and must be animal related.    Miscellaneous Items will be auctioned at the end of the sale.  


We accept consignments of all types of alternative / exotic livestock.


NO REPTILES (Snakes, Lizards, Frogs etc.)



If  you have any questions, please call

Ben Gerving 

701-843-7128   or  701-333-9251 


Like you, we depend on the services provided by

 Midwest Alternative Livestock Auction,  

which is operated on a foundation of

honesty and integrity.

Midwest Alternative Livestock Auction prides itself on animal care,

which helps achieve a top dollar for our sellers,

while meeting the high standards

of our committed buyers.

    Midwest Alternative Livestock Auction is located in New Salem, ND
    - directly off Interstate I-94
    - below the Large Holstein Cow on the fair grounds.

    Midwest Alternative Livestock Auction offers
    - 2 Exotic Alternative Livestock Auctions per year (Spring / Fall)
    - Consignments accepted by phone prior to sale dates or the Night prior to Sale dates
    - We have Knowledgeable, Friendly, & Dedicated assistants available to answer all questions


    Whether you come to see what is available on the day of sales
    or looking to sell your Alternative Livestock,
    Midwest Alternative Livestock Auction Services are there for you. 
    We look forward to seeing and assisting you at
    all upcoming sales.
    The exceptional facility (New Salem Fair Grounds) and
    knowledgeable assistants (our Volunteers)
     add up to a winning combination.
    Mark your calendars and make plans to attend our exciting auction.  
    We are committed to putting our customers first and provide the very best.   We believe that our word and our integrity
    are still important business tools
    in todays society.  

    We thank our customers for all they've done to help make us
    a successful alternative livestock auction.
    Volunteer help is always welcome.