Club Information

Welcome from MidVTFencing!

Need some basic instruction to see if this sport might be for you (or your kids)? Looking to continue your fencing?

Want a vigorous workout that strengthens not only your body but mind as well?

Greetings Fencers and families of Fencers!

Classes will be held from 6:30-8:00. We will continue with 8:00-9:00 for Open Fencing - time for you to fence against each other, get additional instruction, ask questions and check out other weapons such as epee or sabre. The Open Fencing time is not part of the instruction time but is an additional/optional time that you can use to improve your fencing. I will need to know at the beginning of each class if there will be enough Fencers staying to have Open Fencing time.

Rules of MidVTFencing:

1: Wear outdoor shoes outside, leave them at the door and put on clean indoor sneakers for Fencing time.

2: Point a weapon at someone who does not have a mask on and you are done for the class. Do it twice ever and you are not eligible to Fence with us - EVER.

3: When the Instructor is speaking please be respectful and listen.

4: No exposed skin. You must wear socks and sweatpants/pants to keep you covered to prevent injury. (No low riding sweats/pants thanks)

Please visit this site for more information as it will be updated occasionally with the latest information. If possible, please let me know in advance if you will not be able to make class.

USFA Membership is REQUIRED to participate in this Fencing Program. Minimum of Non-Competitive ($10). Go to Membership for more information.


(Adults and Teens)

Hopefully Classes available Fall 2021

Individual and Small Family groups are available.

ALL Fencers must provide proof of Covid-19 Vaccination and facemaks are required 100% of time.

All classes start promptly at 6:30 PM and go until 8:00 PM. Please bring proof of USFA Membership (or be able to complete at the first practice with my assistance) to the first practice. If you are a Student, cost is $50.00. All others cost is $125.00. $10 additional for non-Stowe residents who participate in the Stowe program. (EACH Fencer must complete the USFA $10 membership minimum and bring proof of registration to class - or email to Digger - this is a one time/yearly fee). If you have your own equipment, you may use it during class if I feel it passes a brief safety inspection. Please see the Fencing Schedules. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Pre-Registration is REQUIRED for Stowe Fencing. Please visit Stowe FALL/WINTER PROGRAM GUIDE to pre-register. Teen class participation is limited to 6-10 Fencers and Adult class participation is limited to 4-8 Fencers.

Contact Digger at