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Meeting on Proposed Code Enforcement Changes

posted Nov 3, 2012, 6:43 AM by Midvale Park Neighborhood Association

* What:  proposed modifications to Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance

* When:  Wed 07-NOV-2012, 6:00PM

* Where:  Sentinel Building, 321 North Commerce Park Loop (NWC Bonita/Congress).

** Bike:  (A) Santa Cruz Bikeway to Congress Street, west to Bonita, then north to Commerce Park Loop.  (B) Aviation Bikeway to Fourth Ave, south to Toole, northwest to Alameda, west to Granada, south to Congress, west to Bonita, and north to Commerce Park Loop (sorry that's so convoluted, streetcar track construction is making downtown ... tricky).

** Transit:  From Ronstadt Station, SunTran# 21 (Silverbell) or SunTran# 22 (Grande) westbound on Congress to Bonita, exit and head north ~.25 mile to Commerce Park Loop, OR SunTran# 3 (PCC West) westbound on Saint Marys to Bonita, exit and head south ~.25 mile to Commerce Park Loop.

* How much:  no charge, RSVP to requested.

* Questions?  Teresa Williams at or 791-4605.




Dear Neighbor,

Code Enforcement is recommending modifying Ch. 16 of the Tucson Code, the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance.  We are inviting you to attend a meeting to present an overview of the proposed changes.  The meeting will occur on:


Date: Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: 320 N Commerce Park Loop – Sentinel Bldg – 1st floor


An outline of our suggested changes which will be presented to Mayor and Council in December, are listed below:


Definitions - Section 16-03

* The definition of outdoor storage will be expanded to include motor vehicles, which are being stored on a property in the front or side yard for long periods of time.

* Adding the definition of yard sales


Building and Structure Exteriors – Section 16-12 Additional wording will clarify the maintenance requirements for the exterior of a building including:

* windows, skylights, and door functionality and maintenance

* maintenance of decorative features such as eaves, trim, fascia, etc.

* proper maintenance of roof drainage, downspouts and gutters

* integrity of structural members

* handrail and guardrail functionality and maintenance


Exterior premises and vacant land – Section 16-13 Maintenance of private sidewalks, walkways, stairs, steps, driveways, and parking areas.


Junked Motor Vehicles – Section 16-15

Restricting the storage of junk vehicles in the rear yard when properly screened from the public right of way and from adjoining neighbors.


Public Nuisance – Section 16-34

* Restricting the occurrence of yard sales to four times a year.

* Restricting the parking of commercial vehicles on residential properties.


We hope that you will be able to attend this presentation. 



Teresa Williams

Code Enforcement Administrator