1st Saturday-   Grijalva Park Cleanup-       8-10 am

2nd Saturday- Oak Tree Park-                               8-10 am

3rd Saturday- West Branch Santa Cruz  -   8-10 am

4th Saturday-  Mid-Section Channel-              8-10 am




        Volunteers from throughout the community, both Midvale Park residents and friends of the neighborhood have contributed thousands of hours of volunteer time over the last 3 years in our 2 parks and 2 washes adopted under the auspices of Tucson Clean and Beautiful!  We have also been fortunate to have received many donations of supplies from the Midvale Park HOA, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Pima County  Parks and Rec, along with TCB, and individual neighbors.



Monthly Meetings

are the first Thursday of each month 

at 6:30PM at Grijalva Elementary School, 1795 W. Drexel Road. 

Please check the Calendar for updates to time, location, and speakers.

Rodeo Parade

Midvale Park is a proud member of the Tucson Rodeo Parade. In 2014, Midvale Park won second place in the division.

Shopping Carts

Taking shopping carts is illegal. You can now call 791-3191 to report abandoned shopping carts.

The City will have them picked up. Here are some other go to numbers.

County Transportation Maintenance: 740-2639 will pick up any abandoned cart in the County.

City of Tucson for carts in a wash: TDOT 791-3154

Arizona Cart Service:   Albertsons, Bashas', Fry’s, Safeway, Smart & Final, Sunflower & Trader Joe's, and Big Lots   1-800-THE-CART (1-800-843-2278),http://afmaaz.org/acrcontact.asp

Food City: Triton: 602 790-8855

WALGREENS: 741-2342

LOWES: 741-2400

Goodwill: 547-3464

Walmart: 573 -3777,  carts@malyandassociates.com

Walmart has pickup service 7 days a week in Midvale Park and is the fastest way to have their carts picked up.