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Any questions?  Please e-mail me at watchforsnakes@gmail.com.  My name is John and I will be happy to answer any questions you have about this movie and the production.  If you want to read about our production, just go to the next page by clicking this link:  The Story

***Please Note***
I used to offer a DVD for sale, now that there are easier streaming and download versions available, we have discontinued DVD's.  Recently, US Postal shipping increased, so to keep costs low, and increase the viewership of this video, I started offering a streaming version of the movie using Gumroad. The volume didn't justify having the up-front duplication costs for a DVD.  If you really, really need a DVD, e-mail me and I can burn one on my computer, and it will work, it just won't have the fancy packaging. The files and streams below work just fine.

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Streaming MP4 file.  Run Time approximately 45 minutes. 2$
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Download MP4 file.  Run Time approximately 45 minutes. 4$
Download file that is great for PC's,but not so great for Mac's. Almost 2 Gigabytes
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Download QuickTime file.  Run Time approximately 45 minutes. 4$
Download file that is great for a Mac, or if you have QuickTime player on your computer. About 1 Gigabytes
Here is the link to buy the MP3 of the movie's theme song that you hear in our YouTube clip, LONGEST DAY OF THE YEAR.
Here is the link to purchase the script as a PDF.  The cost  is $9.    Great if you want to put on your own production! 

 Click for more info: The Script

I added some customer testimonials at the bottom of the page if you find yourself on the fence about whether to actually purchase a copy of the movie or not...

The Folger Library in Washington, DC reviewed our DVD and had very kind words for us.  Here is an excerpt from their e-newsletter from December of 2010:
However, we’ve found an abridged version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream  produced with non-professional 3rd grade actors,  but with very high production value.

Mini Titania and Oberon

 Most of the children are convincing actors and the narrator is played by actress Valerie Mahaffey. Mahaffey has a notable career as a television, film and Broadway actress. And her husband is Joseph Kell, a professional actor and director and the cinematographer for the DVD.

 The movie,  set up with clever narration (not too much, not too little) by Mahaffey and her gang of mini-fairies, “Stevie and the Sprites,” help to clarify the plot and give  commentary on the  events of the story as they unfold.

 The plot of the mechanicals is somewhat downplayed in this version and so is Bottom’s bravado. But the tracking of the lovers’ storyline is quite comprehensive and entertaining.

 What’s more, it’s well done Shakespeare from the mouths of babes. This is truly a great resource for elementary educators of Shakespeare everywhere.

 To view the trailer for this DVD and for more information on how to purchase a copy, visit the Midsummer Project Google Site (hooray you are here!)

Here are a few customer testimonials.  Many of the people that buy the video are educators and they say that their students really enjoy the movie.  These anonymous comments come from e-mails and YouTube.
My 6th grade class has studied and performed (in class) MND and as enrichment I wanted to show them a true performance of the play.  We were all delighted by your young thespians.  Bravo!!


I just got this DVD and I think it is awesome!!! I am doing a little Shakespeare drama club with my grade 5's this year. I can''t wait to show them this; they are going to love it: :-) You should think of making a DVD of some other plays by Shakespeare!


I wanted to thank you for the DVD.  I showed it to my 3rd grade class today and they absolutely loved it.  We are going to be performing this play as well. 
My class watched  your video today and LOVED it. Was that a project that you did with some family friends? How did you end up doing this project? Was anyone involved a professional actor or film maker? It was truly fantastic. Exactly what our kids need to get even more excited than they already are about performing A Midsummer Night's Dream!
They will be doing it on February 16th and 17th.

Thank you for sharing your film!
If you enjoy watching Mickey Rooney as "Puck" in the 1936 version of "A Midsummers Night Dream"you will once again be charmed with the young actors in this home made bard presentation.It was delightful to say the least,and a wonderful video for young and old to enjoy! Loved it!! Roger (OL King Elfears)
"My five children love it...it kept my 5 year old so happy after we watched it on youtube and told her it was coming...a wonderful addition to teaching the play.
Thank you for sharing it!"
"Oh my gosh!!!  I loved it!  It is most excellent.  The children did such a wonderful job!  I have honestly watched it 3 times.
What a fantastic job with the characters...the costumes...the setting...everything!  It made me smile!

Sorry for not sending a message earlier and I definitely plan to leave a note on your facebook wall.  It is a wonderful buy!"
My 8th grade students have recently finished reading A Midsummer Night's Dream in class, and in looking around on youtube for filmed versions of this play, we came across yours. The students and I were instantly entranced, and I purchased the full film, which arrived yesterday. We all love it. The kiddos were interested too in the story behind the movie, specifically where you filmed and how long it took. As a Shakespeare aficionado with a strong interest in theater, I was thrilled. Please pass my congratulations on to the whole crew of your charming movie!
If you have time, we would love to hear about how you and your friends and family made this film.
Thanks so much, and again, well done!"
"Last year my students and I viewed the video clip that is posted on YouTube and absolutely LOVED what we saw.  I knew that if it ever became available I'd have to purchase the full video.  We are hard at work preparing our own show using much of the original script.  Thank you for sharing Shakespeare with children of ALL ages."
"We love your video!  Fantastic."
"This is AMAZING! I just saw this little movie yesterday. Right now im in the play a midsummer nights dream at my school. I play hermia the girl at 1:13-1:17. And im 14! Good work guys! =) "
"I have just received my full copy of the project and I definitely recommend buying it. The scenery is beautiful, those kids, although not professional actors (as far as I figured out from the comments here) did really great job, great costumes. The narration makes it easier to understand the plot but it also makes the film funny.
It was really pleasant to see a film which is not overwhelmed by special effects, where you can really enjoy the story. (reminds me a bit Labyrinth from 1986)."


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