DTI provides the right mobile ticketing solution for the Transportation, Travel and Tours Industries.

DTI currently processes over 100,000+ transactions per month just for the ground transportation segment alone!  With that type of transactional power, we know that we can handle your business' challenge!

Advantages to Mobile Ticketing and "On the Go" Processing:

- Real Time Inventory Control
- Real Time Payment Capture
- Capacity Management Capabilities
- 4 Second Transaction Time
- Preventative Maintenance
- Customer Preference Tracking
- Employee Management
- Reduction in Fraud and Theft
- Builds Customer Loyalty

DTI’s Mobile Ticketing Solutions ultimately provides your business with more revenue enhancement capabilities.

Our unique Mobile Ticketing applications serve:
- Delivery & Logistics
- Pay at the Table Restaurant & Food Services
       Calm your customer fears that their card
       info will not be stolen with pay at the table.

       Even accept debit cards at the table.
- Limousine & Taxi Services
- Mobile Vendors
- Conventions & Concert Halls
- Fundraising Events
- Stadium & Arena Sales
- Contractors & Consultants
- Valet Parking
- Fairs & Markets
- Sporting Events
- plus so much more!

Your customer will feel safer when their card never leaves their sight.  This limits the possibilities of their card info being stolen.  Creates Customer Loyalty.

For more information on mobile ticketing solutions, please contact me at 1.881.2644 or Email.

                               Modular         Secure         Wireless
                               Flexible          Effective      Easy

Mobile terminals can be rented on a month-to-month basis as needed or purchased.

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