No Cost NSF Collection Service!

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Check Recovery


Our Check Recovery is the fastest and most cost effective method of NSF check recovery available. Our Check Recovery utilizes the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network for electronic re-presentment directly into the customer's account. Our Check Recovery helps customers across many industries to save money and streamline their accounting.

• Free Check Collection Service
• Fast Electronic Recovery
• Daily Payment to Your Account
• Friendly Customer Service
• Instant Web-Based Reporting
• Daily Fraud Alerts on Bad Check Writers
• Full Face Value Paid
• No Monthly Fees
• Bank Fee Reduction Program

  • Speed, efficiency, and customer service, at a price you can afford... absolutely free!
  • Through a banking arrangement with the Federal Reserve, we begin collection 5 to 7 days faster.
  • Our competition can take 7 to 14 days longer to collect because they use 3rd party clearinghouses.
  • With our Plus Program we can reduce your NSF bank fees to $3.00
  • We collect 80 - 85% of NSF checks in 30 days.
  • Our proprietary, web-based reporting in unparalleled, leaving the competitors scrambling to attempt duplication.

No Cost, No Headaches...No Problem!