Click to Go® Restaurant Online Ordering gives your current website the power to:

Increase takeout and delivery
order revenues!

Increase average ticket sale

Accept customer payments
securely online!

All at Unbeatable Prices with
Excellent Return on Investment!

How It Works

Customers enter your website and then:

  • Select the menu items they wish to order with a variety of preparation options such as extra cheese, no anchovies, dressing on the side.
  • Select place of pick up or time of delivery.
  • Pay for their order with credit card or gift card.

Online orders are instantly sent to either your dedicated fax or POS system.

The online order is accurate, legible, and most importantly, the order has been paid for by the customer prior to preparation.

All customer data is protected and stored.  All order preferences and payments are easily accessible for repeat business.

Customers Can Order "In Advance" - perfect for your corporate customers!

Online Ordering Advantages

Offering online ordering provides your current customers with a NEW experience and it will attract a new breed of customer to visit your restaurant!  The e-generation customer prefers to do everything on the internet.  Requiring no aptitude for programming or IT, your business can start accepting online ordering today!

Click to Go® Online Ordering Real Benefits:

• Increase average ticket sale on average between 30-60%!
• Menus or images can be updated daily!
• Targeted email promotions can reach customers day or night!
• Encourages advanced group and corporate ordering!
• Improves order accuracy and reduces bogus orders!

  • Provides traceable order preferences and histories!

  • Seamless Integration into your current POS without the need for additional equipment or staff costs!

  • No disruption or interruption in your operation! It is seamless!

Online Ordering Benefits

  • Have the power to reach your customers 24/7 via email and text messaging.
  • Collect valuable customer demographics such as name, address,, email address, items ordered, order amounts, birthdays, for effective targeted promotions.
  • Better target qualified advertising and promotional campaigns.

  • Automatically diferentiate betweenluch and dinner menu pricing for the same food items which is a great revenue opportunity!
  • Food option choices for extra toppings can be automatically displayed representing additional revenue.  "Inventory prompts" let customers know what they can still order such as drinks and dessert - another revenue oppotunity for you.
  • Order notification monitoring can be confirmed with supplemental email to ensure quality assurance.
  • Create a customer gift and reward program for frequent users.  Rewarding your customers has never been so easy!
  • Gain customer feedback for adjusting or validation website approach and the overall restaurant's operation.

Data Encryption & Support

We know how important your customer data is to you. With Click to Go® Online Ordering, we provide you with data encryption and protection that is constantly reliable and secure.  We have taken the extra steps in protecting your data against the unthinkable breach of any unauthorized persons stealing your data.  Our software meets or exceeds the payment card industry data security standards required by Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover guidelines.


Our online ordering program customers are privilege to 24/7/365 technical and customer service support.
We are always here to help!

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